21 Nov, 2020

Winter Beauty Must Haves

As winter creeps in, I immediately start thinking about my skin and hair care. It’s important to adapt the products I use to the colder temperature, specially since both my hair and skin tend to be on the drier side. From nail and hand care, to even eye lash care, in this blog post I listed every product that is my best friend during these months.

It might be that we are not going places at the moment, maybe we are staying at home, but at least we can start preparing for the summer, specially since the time is a little less of an issue (I mean I can apply a face mask almost every day and go makeup free while working from home).

I grouped my products in purpose sections, and you will notice that many of them are already on Black Friday sale, so make sure to make the most out of that. Happy Shopping!

Skin care is so important, its probably my number 1 when it comes to beauty care. I feel great with no makeup when my skin looks great, but not so good even with makeup if skin isn’t great. So its very simple, the healthy, glowing, hydrated skin is the most important step in feeling and looking beautiful.

Serums are very important for me, and I use quite a few, from Advanced Night Repair to Dior Prestige about which I spoke in a separate post.

Besides serums I included some gadgets too, they are on a sale at the moment, so its the best moment to purchase them. You can get a pore cleanser which is also a serum infuser and is brilliant for an at home treatment. You can also get a Dermaflash Luxe on sale currently, one of the most popular devices for removing peach fuzz.

Lip balms, masks and moisturisers are all included below, flick through my list and check out the products I can’t imagine a colder winter week without. Come rain or shine La Mer Original Cream has been my favourite for many years now. Might not be a perfect winter beauty must have – as I equally use it in the summer months too, but its something that has to make my every list.

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Makeup might not be the most important thing when it comes to care and beauty, but I change it up significantly in winter. I like to add a bit of an earthy toned smokey eye, and have been loving this Huda Beauty makeup palette . Besides that I like to pay attention and give time to complexion, so highlighter palettes,good concealer – my favourite under eye one is by Nars, and of course, lip sticks.

You will notice that I also included a RevitaLash serum here – its not really part of the makeup routine, but I think its so important for growing healthy lashes that then mascara looks absolutely stunning when applied on luscious lashes.

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I love love, thick, healthy hair. I would say that my hair is naturally on the drier side, as its curly by nature, but I really do spend a lot of time and effort to grow it healthy and shiny.

I spoke about my best tricks and tips in one of my recent videos here. The most important product line I discovered is by Olaplex, and they are keeping my hair in great condition. Besides their Bond Maintenance product that is sort of a treatment you do at home after you had it done in the salon they now also introduced the same treatment from the salon at home too. It is called the Intensive Bond Building Treatment and you can also maintain it with the Hair Oil.

I also really love using Oribe products, as they have a wide range of solutions, and Living Proof is a great brand for hydration and care of Long locks. My shampoo and conditioner tend to change, and I don’t want my hair to get saturated, or as I say bored of the same products.

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And we are down to the body. Skin is our biggest organ and so often we forget about it. I could talk about my favourite Cuticle Oil or my Foot Cream of choice, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you.

Instead I have listed before my holy grail Body Lotion, Body Oil and Hand Cream. These three products make my skin feel soft for a long time, they nourish it and make me feel comfortable in the colder days. I have been using these three for as long as I can remember and are something I would recommend to any skin type. The Chanel Hand Cream also makes it a wonderful Christmas gift, so its a winning combination.

What are your favourite Winter Beauty Products? Cant wait to hear more about it.

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xoxo, Tamara

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