Most Used Amazon Purchases

Since 2020 was a year of spending time at home, I have to say that I invested a lot of time trying to make my space as pleasant as possible. Not only that but I spent first few months at home purely organising. There was so much to do, so many drawers to organise, and shelves to tidy.

In todays blog post I wanted to share few of my best amazon purchases with you. Here are only few, but I promise you I could have made it at least a list of top 50. There are so many cute (and also some weird) things that I mangled to find there, and let me start with me most used ones.

A make up organiser must have

Even in England I had my makeup organised in the acrylic drawers. Amazon has literally a sea of them, tall, short, with different kinds of sections inside, and I really love them. I could go really extra and buy separate organisers for lipstick, palettes, and all sorts, but for now I am really enjoying the way my makeup is organised in Paris, and I don’t want to have more makeup than I have drawers. That way I am making sure not to shop stuff before I use the stuff I had before.

One great thing about acrylic drawers is that you can wash them, you can see where everything is, and they don’t take too much space.

Brighten up your morning tea ritual

Ok a super unnecessary purchase, but the one I adore very very much. I have two cat cups (and Im not even a cat person), and they are both with a compartment for loose tea. This is so perfect as you can use them as a tea cup, but also as a cup for anything else. I love how cute they are and since I am such a lover of mugs person, I had to have them.

Infuse some cuteness in your everyday life

Yes, this is the second cup I was talking about. Maybe a little bit more mature – as it doesn’t have the little fish inside. Oh hold on, scrap the mature part, I still love it so much and my boyfriend rolls his eyes every time I take it out to drink my matcha on the sofa. I think it’s adorable, and it could even be a super cool present for Christmas – specially if you have cat loving friends.

Cappuccino? Always!

Ok lets talk about something super useful. Perhaps even a present for your mum this Christmas? This milk brother is so great, and it doesn’t only froth, but also warms or cools the milk. Its amazing, because it takes 30seconds to make the best cappuccino, but also is amazing for making matcha, that I am a big fan of. ?Normally to make matcha, you need this little wooden thing, but I prefer it this way, its fast, its efficient and it can do it cold or hot. Love it

Organising made super simple

When I discovered these shells separators I was in! I didn’t know they existed, but now they changed my knit game. I used them to keep stuff tidy, but they can also be great for dividing shoes, bags and anything you want. For me they are great for knits as knits tend to “flow over”. Not with these organisers. Also for keeping jeans neat, they are such a smart little invention.

I could make a whole blog post just on amazon organisers, and trust me there would be a lot of stuff to show. I think for this Amazon can be a massive help.

Your drawers will thank you

Socks, tights, hats, tiny tops, hair accessories, I like them all organised, but I don’t have that many hats to give them a whole drawer. Thats why I give them a section in in, neatly places next to other stuff. Nothing is getting mixed up, tights aren’t hard to find, and let me tell you my underwear drawer never looked better.

I am so happy with these, as they seem to keep everything in place, and are also great if you have deep drawers that small thing tend to drown in.

I suggest getting organisers in different sizes, so that you can have longer and shorter pieces nicely places next to each other. Acrylic organisers can also be good, but they don’t give you much flexibility.

Have your jewellery on display all the time

Not a secret how I organise my jewellery. I think I bought 5-6 of these trays with different layouts. You can choose the larger compartments, the ring sections, the earring sections – literally anything your heart would wish for.

I love the grey velvet that looks very polished, makes it easy to see, and it doesn’t collect hair and dust (as black velvet appears to sometimes). Its such a wonderful way to organise your drawers, and withy Ikea Pax system, makes it perfect fit into a tray. How do you organise your jewellery?

Elevate your space

Something of more of a decorative nature. A simple candle dome. I love burning candles but I hate the smoke when I blow the flame out. This is so perfect as I just close my candle when I’m done with it, and the piece looks so beautiful. I have a few around my house. I even purchased a pretty expensive one from Diptyque, which is never the less even more stunning, but if you want something that is not too expensive, I strongly suggest you go with this.

I love candles, I collect them, and this is also a present I would like to receive (so hello more Christmas ideas).


  1. 19 Nov, 2020 / 5:00 pm

    Great blog. Love that you have gone back to blogging.

  2. 20 Nov, 2020 / 4:01 pm

    Cute post, very helpful! Absolutely looove that tea cup :) Also, thanks for reminding me that I definitely need to order some drawer organizers, haha, that’s a purchase I always put off for some reason!
    xx Janine

  3. Vinciane
    20 Nov, 2020 / 6:29 pm

    Love it Tamara, I want to buy everything your suggest ;-)

  4. Lisa Autumn
    21 Nov, 2020 / 11:22 am

    I love all of the organizational bits x

    Lisa |

  5. Jessica Cai
    8 Dec, 2020 / 8:24 am

    Love those cute staffs for life. I was watching your YouTube and discovered the electricity bottles. So desperate for it and luckily found in your website. Luv ya.


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