10 Apr, 2020

What you wear during self-isolation matters

Yes, I know you’re thinking that there is no point getting dressed as that professional-looking person you used to be before the Corona Outbreak, since you can use the valuable time for better things. Such as reading one more chapter of the book, have an extra lesson of the new language you are learning, sleeping just 15 min more. You are right, during this period, we all deserve comfort.

However, comfort can be fashionable as well. What do you think about Quarantine Chic? Balancing between being totally off and boosting your day with a bit of “omph”. Apart from that you can look presentable when you are opening the door for the postman, or clapping on the balcony for our frontline heroes.. Psychologists proved  that outfits can impact our behaviour and our productivity levels. I am sure you already heard the line “dressed for success” well this is more less what I am talking about?  This research says that participants performed better in cognitive test while having that non casual clothes on.

I 100% agree with this research, since when I am all dressed up, I feel a bit ahead and super motivated to go forward. Don’t you feel the same? If you haven’t, try it out, at least now you have all the time to test it. The act of getting dressed itself, prepares our mind and body for an active day, and somehow let’s you separate that active time from relaxing time when you are in your cozy pyjamas.

“Enclothed cognition” is a theory that describe the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. It implies that if we wear something that we consider it brings our mood up , it will definitely lift our spirits. You can read more about it here. I am not suggesting always having a suit on, but have listed some cosy at home, options, while still looking cute.

Let me know in the comments below what is you favourite self-isolation look. Also, let me know if you tried to dress up during quarantine and did it influence your mood.

Here are some of the looks that you can try to recreate at home.

What you wear on your face matters too.




Outfit for a Zoom Meeting from home.



Xoxo, Tamara

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