Movies, TV Shows and Books ideas During Corona Times

It’s been few days now, for some of you even few weeks. Many countries are not under the lockdown, but most of you responsible people are trying to stay more in. You should. I have written several posts now saying how important it really is.

I spend most of my mornings on the phone. To my parents, friends, FaceTime. I spend a lot of time checking up on my friends in Italy, which is basically biggest proportion of my crowd. I don’t know how it happened but somehow most of my friends are exactly from this country.

We are all trying to stay positive, and what better way than to share good movies, books and to just invest a little more time into yourself. I recently filmed a video talking about my favourite books, movies and shows but wanted to write a specific list here. One you can come back to at any time you wish.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love to tidy my home, gets lights off, put my favourite candles, slide into something comfy and cute (maybe we should do a post on all the stuff I love wearing at home?) and make myself a green drink with all the necessary nutrients to feed my body and brain. Then I cosy up with one of these choices;

I managed to compile a list of best of the best together with friends and I am sharing it here with you.

TV Series | Netflix

Movies | Netflix

Amazon Prime

Apple TV





I really hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did creating it. Leave me in the comments some movies, tv shows or books recommendations. Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Mar 27, 2020 / 11:51 pm

    All great choices tamara! i’m reading a lot and have also been watch elite on netflix

  2. Lisa Autumn
    Mar 28, 2020 / 10:32 am

    OMG so many great recommendations! THANK YOU!

    Lisa |

  3. nis nas
    Mar 28, 2020 / 2:19 pm

    hi tamara been following for years now inspire me in many ways… as you said you should do a video about what you wear at home.
    also i think you should do a video about what u think is gonna happen to the fashion industry after all of this is …wether you shop online now or not or ur just waiting for all of this to get over.. also if this situation gonna change anything in you in regards to fashion.
    lots of love

  4. Mar 29, 2020 / 8:23 am

    Bookmarking this post so that I can come back to it when I am looking for book recommendations! :) Actually going to make quite the big book order on Amazon, as I find myself having so much more time to read right now and it is just amazing! Really trying to see the positive in the current situation – even if it’s just a tiny thing like being able to read more :)
    xx Janine

  5. Mar 30, 2020 / 1:00 am

    Yay! I’m so glad you did this post I’ve been looking for new shows to binge on Netflix! Your blog/vlogs are always so uplifting and I’m so glad I’ve curated people that I follow who always make me feel good watching! Bubble baths have been my thing this quarantine period! Also I have read several Paul Cohelo books, I know he’s controversial but I’m a fan for sure. I have the Alchemist in my library, now is the perfect time for a re-read.

  6. Apr 1, 2020 / 5:05 am

    I just binge watched Lucifer at the start of corona quarantine and love it! Thanks for sharing all your other faves, will look them all up!

    Life is a Shoe

  7. Mash
    Apr 24, 2020 / 12:45 am

    Dear Tamara, thank you for posting this blogs as we want more and more of you!
    Also, thank you for this lists as they mean a world to me because I admire you and also I have to say, I trust your taste. Always have and always will.

    P. S. So glad to see that we have similar taste in TV Shows and Movies.

    P. P. S. You are so beautiful and kind, and you are such a lady that after watching your videos, I always dress up! ❤️


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