6 Jan, 2020

Top 5 Trends For 2020

Out with the old, in with the new

New Year, new Wardrobe?  Not necessarily. What I love about Fashion is that the minute you invest in what I like to refer to as “timeless pieces” no matter what the seasonal trends are, you always seem to know your fashion.

This year, I was fortunate enough to attend the Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris and see every trend you will need to know in order to start this year on the right Fashion Foot.

Are you ready to take notes on all things fashion? Let’s go!

Neutral Tones

You can blame Daniel Lee and the New Bottega for this trend, among others such as Miu Miu, the Row and Givenchy. Dare to style a monochrome outfit and experiment with different textures and tones of rich brown, beige and white. From New York to Paris, this year I am inspired to create chic outfits  in all neutral shades. Yes, even a girl that adores colour like moi. Think about the camel coats everyone was wearing in the front row of Max Mara, now think about the Christina Centenera and Rosie HW, not so boring huh? After all, Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Suits & Tailoring

Do you guys remember the Mango Suit I wore during my trip in Amsterdam? Its a suit I keep coming back to, I even wore it during NYFW. My love for suits might be a new thing but oh how much I love a structured blazer or a sharp coat! From Anthony Vaccarello and his sharp silhouettes at Saint Laurent to the Rock and Roll takeover of Heidi Slimane at Celine, impeccable tailoring is everywhere and soon in our 2020 wish list as well. You can shop great high street pieces too and my favourite place for that is Arket.

Oversized Handbags

Finally, gone are the days of tiny bags that fit only my lipstick! I am so happy I won’t be clutching that external battery charger in an awkward way just because my bag is too chic to carry it. Big bags are back. With the new Acro Leather Tote of Bottega Veneta being already a designer cult and Chanel’s 19 aka the new“It” bag, taking over Instagram, an XXL tote made out of luxurious leather is an investment that you will not regret. Yes I popped into Chanel the other day and heart that they do not have a single Chanel 19 in stock! Crazy. If you are a bit like me, embracing this trend will be a piece of cake and with the luxurious pieces hitting already my go-to online destinations, it is a matter of time until I find my new Mary Poppins bag.

Square Toe Heels

Now this trend dominated the runways all the way from New York to Milan. This trend is polarising, you either embraced it already or you simply do not want to hear about a square toe shoe not to mention see one. Their minimal design and 90s aesthetic have everyone going crazy for anything that looks different and fashion forward. My top three? Balenciaga for their bright colours, Bottega Veneta for their luxurious finish and The Row for their intellectual take on the trend.

Polka Dots

A staple print, with an artistic upgrade from designers like Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors, polka dot is everywhere this season. Playful but classic, you can use this print for a statement look ( bright colour, big print) or a subtle detail ( like a true French, with a delicate scarf around the neck) either way you will definitely leave everyone staring.  Personally this trend isn’t my favourite. I can deal with a pair of shoes or a summer dress in tiny polka dot print, but over all I think my personality is too strong for such a gentle pattern.

What are your thoughts on these trends? Are you following  new trends each season or you have a unique style that doesn’t follow fashion rules? After all rules are there to be broken, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

Let me know in the comments below.


xoxo, Tamara


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