11 Jan, 2020

Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals This Year

In January I love to set the tone for the new year.

 The first days of this new book titled 2020, are filled with excitement, motivation and big dreams, but most importantly with a lot of planning. I find myself sitting in my comfy clothes with my laptop, among notebooks full of ideas on everything I want to achieve.

Do you want to know a big secret? No matter how many hours I spend brainstorming on the phone with my team and how many books I read, I am still an individual that is responsible for itself. Now listen, the minute I understood that we are all coming to this world having no one else but ourselves, my mindset changed in seconds. I am grateful for my amazing family, my manager and team but I am the one holding my future in my hands. If you think about it, each and every one of us is completely free to visualise our dream lives and make it happen. Your thoughts shape your future and your fate is entirely up to you and the actions you decide to take.

To be more efficient in doing so and to make sure your next achievements are just around the corner you should firstly engage in good planning and set your priorities straight. I have written down a list with five simple ways that will help you shift your perspective and create a clear path towards everything you desire to accomplish this year. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Before I talk to you about these tips I wanted to say that I didn’t always live by them. I used to do everything my own comfortable way, but once I set some rules I started noticing changes very quickly. Note that consistency is the key. Let’s make this year, our best so far!

Set Smaller Measurable Goals Instead of Vague Wishes

Your goals have to be SMART.






If you are not familiar with SMART goals already, I believe it is a great starting point to begin with your future planning. Identifying your goals is the first important part of your success plan –  you need to visualise your desire and turn it into a very specific goal. After you know what you are reaching for, it will be easier for you to figure out the right steps to achieve it. I find that personally when I set smaller, measurable goals instead of vague wishes I feel motivated to work towards them and track my progress. Let’s say you want to be a fashion designer. The thought of it might seem unattainable at first, but when you break it down in small steps immediately you are a step closer. Often, the satisfaction of accomplishing a huge milestone of yours lasts for a few minutes, but the process of reaching there is going to be something you will treasure forever.

Start Now Not Tomorrow

We have all experienced moments of procrastination. I am proud to say I manage my team pretty great yet there are times where I need to reply to my emails and I find myself scrolling down the new arrivals on MyTheresa. Few times, we find ourselves delaying the establishment of a new habit, the decision to go back to our working routine, starting a project that is highly demanding but important for our job. Time is now. The sun is rising every day, brining us 24 hours to love, growth, work and laughter. Commit to working on your goals every single day, and you will see the transformation of your life within weeks.

Write It Down

Writing down a goal instantly makes it real and tangible. As a visual person, looking at my goals everyday reminds me what I am fighting for. Now, it is super important to pay attention how you are going to write down your goals. I suggest you avoid words such as “would like” , “wish” and “might” but rater use words with reassuring energy such as “ will”. Your statements need to have passion, power and determination and not be vague and uncertain. Write them down carefully and put them on your mirror (where you do your everyday make-up) or your laptop. Seeing them everyday will leave no excuses if you get sidetracked and will be a great form of self-motivation in your daily life.

Set Deadlines

Regardless of how detailed is your action plan, setting mini-goals would be an amazing way to make sure you are not getting off track and you are getting closer and closer to what you wish to accomplish. This means setting deadlines that are reasonable, learning from every mistake you make and make changes to anything you feel is not working with your time and energy. You can be more productive with small tricks such as the 15minute rule or follow my lead and start your day crossing off the most difficult task in your to-do list.

Every big goal I have for this year is divided in small goals that have deadlines such as 1st of April, 1st of July and 1st of September. That was I know what I need to achieve short term in order to get there long term.

Make A Vision Board

I have mentioned to you guys before that back in the days I was starting my blog, I had a vision board in my bedroom, with images of the things I wanted to experience, buy for myself and the lifestyle I desired. You want to buy a designer bag? Cut out a pic of the bag and stick it in your collage. Want to buy a house? Cut out a pic with the property of your dreams. It is a great way to motivate and visualise while working subconsciously towards your goals. Create a Pinterest Account, save the Images you love on Instagram, search on Google for positive affirmations. Creating a board filled with all the things you want, will boost your creativity, relish your inner wishes and inspire you to work harder and faster to manifest everything you want in your life. Be a Girl-boss!

I would love to hear your habits and tips for success. Let’s make the comments below, a journal where we can all share our thoughts, suggestions and ways to grow ourselves and our businesses.

xoxo, Tamara


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