31 Jan, 2020

How To Get All Of Your Tasks Done On Time

I am sure all of us, especially nowadays, wish to have more hours in a day. Usually I feel very overwhelmed with the number of things I have in one day, but to be honest, and it is proven, we do not need more hours in one day, we just need to be more productive and more dedicated. I believe that good organisation is the key for staying on top of your game. Over the last few years I learned what it takes to have balance. In the text below I am sharing few productivity hacks with you.

"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before." Franz Kafka

Yes, it will be hard first morning, but then you will also go to sleep pretty early and easily get into the circle. I learned this from my old friend jet lag. Once you wake up before everybody else you will feel that you have all the time in this world and be happy to finish your tasks first and have the rest of your day for yourself or to have that time in the morning just for yourself. Which ever you choose , you will feel much more motivated and have more time to finalise all your tasks.

You can not be productive unless you plan everything you want to do the next day. Sometimes we have too many things in our head and it is much easier if you have everything written on the paper and just follow the tasks and tick them off.  I know that often things dont wori out how we want them to, and that obligations also pop up unexpectedly,  but when you have planned  your next day the night before, you already adjust your brain and your body for the next steps during the night and wake up super ready to accomplish everything from the list.

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” Bonnano.

Once you wake up early, you will have much more time. I strongly suggest you to use some of that time on a good workout.

Morning workout makes us think and work better and have much more focus and energy, John Ratey from Harvard University claims that exercising is extremely important for reaching high performances in intellectually demanding jobs. I noticed that when I work out I make better decisions.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” Tim Ferriss

This is my favourite thing, because it is something that motivates me a lot.

For example, I always tell to myself that only when I go to gym I will be allowed to watch YouTube. And then I am looking forward to going there, in order to watch some of my favourite YouTubers. Always have a nice reward for yourself especially after finishing the tasks that you do not prefer so much.

When you have to decide on so many things during one day as I very often do, then I would advice you to say to yourself that you always have only one minute to decide. Your choice will be just as good, however it will take much less time.

You need to be smart about writing your to-do list, meaning that you completely take control of it and don't allow any tasks to overwhelm you. Also, it is very important to prioritise and focus your brain on the most important tasks ahead.

My choice is always Pink Daydream Planner.

When I wake up early morning as per my routine, I first do the tasks I like the least. Then I have the most focus, energy and motivation to just do it. It is a really great and useful productivity hack.

Hope this was useful for you, now lets have high productivity levels from now on.

xoxo, Tamara


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