4 Dec, 2019

Chanel Spa at the Ritz Experience

Follow me inside the World’s Exclusive Wellness Heaven, The Chanel Au Ritz Spa in Paris.


Ask me to think about my favourite day and I will tell you its: Shopping at Chanel followed by a Spa visit. Now imagine if the Spa was also Chanel? Or stop imagining, I will tell you all about it.

In the lower ground floor of the iconic Ritz in Paris, the place where Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel made her home from 1937 until 1971, (yes can you imagine living at the Ritz?) you will find a piece of heaven on earth: The Chanel Spa au Ritz, a beauty and wellness sanctuary like no other in the world.

Even if you live under the rock and are not familiar with the world of Chanel you will be in love with the beautiful interior of the spa designed by Thierry W. Despont who got inspired with Coco Chanel’s life . Filled with the trail of Mademoiselle, the spa lives up to the expectations behind a House like Chanel, offering a tailor-made, holistic experience that explores the art of wellness by nurturing body and soul.

As a guest, you are invited to discover your own personal allure and enjoy luxurious treatments that are thoughtfully designed for your needs and treat yourself the french way, behind the doors at Paris’ most legendary 5-star hotel.

“People talk about physical care, but where is the moral care? Beauty treatments should begin with the heart and soul. Otherwise, cosmetics are pointless” - Coco Chanel


While I was in Paris for work few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited by the Brand to experience one of their signature treatments. The Chanel Spa au Ritz is considered to be an exclusive beauty heaven that requires effort in order to get in ( all invitations are mailed by post, and is often quite hard to find a spot) so you can imagine my excitement when I got the beautiful invitation at my hands.

When you arrive you fill out a questionnaire about health, skin care and expectations, such as pressure and desired results. After completing the questionnaire, an in-depth consultation prior to the treatment is followed, as spa treatments are very personal, focusing on the unique needs of each guest.



Minutes after, I was kindly asked to go towards room No. 5 (named after Coco Chanel’s favourite number) an elegant and modern space marked with the House’s  Codes from the beautifully arranged products to the luxurious furniture and decorative elements. The Key – Products for my treatment Sublimage and Hydra Beauty Range, chosen to revitalise tired skin and instantly give it a  plumped and smooth finish.

Following skincare products for a luminous and radiant finish, I left the Chanel Spa feeling deeply relaxed and energised. From the exquisite facials, relaxing massages and luxurious scrub to the make-up services, everything is marked with not only the Chanel Logo, but more importantly the Chanel High-Standards and the Luxurious Craft that the Brand represents since the very beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed having my face massaged, and while I was cosy on a warm massage bed, under a blanket, my therapists used two devices filled with cold water to massage and contour my face. This felt like a bliss. All the products used felt like a therapy for my skin, but my mind. Well thats another story, lets say that these 90minutes of pampering felt like the whole world has stopped.

Attention to Detail: The Frog in the Picture is exactly the same as the one in Coco Chanel’s apartment. You can read the full story here


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” - Coco Chanel


I would probably class myself as someone who is happy to spend money on luxurious treatments that will revive my skin and body. After all, what better way to treat yourself with a luxurious weekend at the Chanel Spa as a Christmas present to yourself?

Choose between the different packages available from one massage treatment to a full access to the facilities of the Ritz Spa before or after your massage, and experience the Joie de vivre the Chanel way!

Tip: Make sure to Book Early, due to the Limited Availability.

Paris Shopping With Me & Chanel Spa

xoxo, Tamara


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