25 Dec, 2019

Best Christmas SALE Guide

Merry Christmas my Lovelies!


Can you believe it is Christmas already? Time flies and with 2020 just around the corner I am determined to make the last days of the decade count the most for me.

As I am sitting in my living room, snuggling under my favourite Dior blanket and chatting with my sister, I can’t help but feel grateful. Another year is coming to an end, with it’s highs and it’s lows but above all with unforgettable experiences and life lessons that made me know myself better than ever before.

This year has been the busiest and most productive year career-wise, so believe me when I say that I am looking forward to spend quality time with my family and loved ones, appreciating the little things. December was busy enough, but we all know what comes after Christmas – SALES!

Well who would I even be if I wouldn’t try and provide you with the best shopping information there is. I know how long it can take to find best discounts, biggest sales and most savings if you are trying to google with one hand a put a mince pie in your mouth with the other. Thats why I decided to do all the work for you, and have found some amazing pieces that are on sale on Selfridges website.

Sale is on, and you need to hurry up while the stock is still holding. I know that this one gets really popular and my favourites this year are in the homeware section. Cant wait to show you also some of the clothing choices for the New Year’s Eve.

Hope you will enjoy!


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It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with handbags. In January I will film my updated handbag collection, and I am honestly dreaming to even count how many I have. But one thing I have to admit is that Selfridges has a really good sale and you can find bags that are reduced even up to 50%. Balanciaga, Prada, Valentino, you name it, its there.

I created a list of some of my picks, and you can click on each individual image in the carousel to shop a piece of your liking. Im sorry for the long list, Im a woman and it was hard to decide.


From Balenciaga to Prada, find the items that are simply worth it. A statement hourglass silhouette coat from Balenciaga is a symbol of timeless elegance as well as a piece that you forever treasure in your collection. A fresh take on a classic designer item is always a rediscovery of one’s own personal style and a success story for one’s wardrobe.

*Some of the links below are Affiliate links*


We all love a good bargain. Oh, the feeling of holding the last item in stock, on a 70% discount! I am amazed by how many designer pieces I found currently on 50% off on Selfridges, that I had to share my favourites with you.

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Makeup isn’t only something we love and buy whole year long, but it also makes a great gift. I purchased many of the pieces for my friends as a little thank you. For my post-woman, our wonderful lady that helps around home, and many female (ok and even some male) people in my life.

Sometimes it can be hard guessing other peoples favourite shade, but I knew very well which one I am gonna love, oh and its discounted, so If I buy two its almost like I got one for free haha.


Real-life Cinderella. A girl can never have too many shoes, and when the pair you were dreaming about for the past few months is currently half price, one can not resist. Take advantage of the amazing sale to replace your favourite winter boots or simply treat yourself with a new pair that will complete your festive look. 

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It needs to be something you feel amazing in and that you can see yourself wearing a lot. It is more than a dress to welcome the New Year. A woman in her new dress, dreaming of her new year’s goals while enjoying a night with family and friends. I always choose a dress that I can wear loads and make me feel golden. High standards for the New Year, and a bright smile! 

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I waited to keep the homeware until the end, because honestly its my favourite.

Yes I am a little bit obsessed with getting a new toaster, coffee machine, new kettle and few more bits and bobs. Well I love coffee and a good toasted sandwich, so who could hold it against me? Smeg can be expensive, but it looks so freaking good in the kitchen, so SALE is the solution. I got few pieces including this kindness mug which will always remind me that the most important thing after all is – to be kind. To others but also to yourself. That is one message I would like you to take from this post.

Share in the Comments Below what you are Treating yourself this Christmas, I am so curious to know!

xoxo, Tamara


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