8 Jun, 2019

How do I relax after exhausting day


If you have been following my Instagram and YouTube closely, you must know that I spent almost two weeks in South of France. Cannes Film Festival, afAR Gala, many photoshoots, content creation and a lot of travel. Sounds very glamorous, but let me bring some reality to this page. It looks glam on Instagram, but in really life it’s a job, it’s exciting, fabulous, but by the end of the night you just cannot wait to take those high heels of, and to jump in a bath.

Pretty much same case with my skin and hair. They get tired of all the styling, and heavy makeup. For that reason, I decided to pay more attention to making sure that I was getting the self-care I needed during this busy schedule.

Self - Care with FOREO LUNA 2

My skin care routine has really improved since last few years. I found what works for me and the steps are pretty simple, but there are many. I think the most important part of morning and evening skin care routine is that I enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like a chore, and it’s my special me time – when I take special care of myself. I enjoy to reflect, to plan, to get excited, or to calm down – depending on the time of the day.

My favorite part of both morning and evening skin care routine is the face cleansing and massaging. Oh, how much I love this… You know that since June 2018 I have been using FOREO LUNA 2 – facial spa massager and cleansing device, that I use with foaming cleanser in order to boost circulation on my face, to get the glow, and to really remove the impurities. This device is not just like the other nylon brushes – LUNA 2 has medical silicone bristles that pulsate (you can adjust the level of pulsations with + and – buttons on it), and really get deep into your pores, but in gentle and soft way. Because of this silicone, it resists the buildup of bacteria and makes it much more hygienic then nylon-bristled facial brushes. Additional benefit is that you don’t need to change the head of brush, it’s 100% waterproof and USB chargeable. It’s perfect for travelling as one charge can last up to 450 uses!

I love using it as a final step after removing my makeup, or as a first step when I get up in the morning to remove the impurities and oils that build up while I’m asleep. Another important feature that I’m loving lately is removing all that sweat and dirt after my workout sessions. This is a very important part of my self-care routine, because I really need to make sure that I cleaned my skin properly so that my pores aren’t clogged, which stops any potential breakouts or blackheads from happening.


In this blog post you can see my little “Me Time Routine” because I love using FOREO LUNA 2 during the bath time. That’s when I really get to relax, breathe deep and without rushing anywhere I dedicate much precious time to my skin.

The most important feature of LUNA 2 is T-Sonic technology and pulsations that help with cleansing the pores deeply and getting all impurities out. This device has also anti-ageing benefits because the other side of device uses lower-frequency pulsations for facial massage. It minimizes the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to ageing skin. LUNA 2 is available in 4 different varieties depending on your skin type (normal, sensitive, combination or oily skin), each with different type of bristles and “relief”. I chose the one for combination skin and it’s so efficient but gentle in the same time. I really enjoy the massage feeling on my skin, not to mention that my skin after it feel smooth, even more young and energized. After using LUNA 2, my skin is ready for makeup, fits perfectly in my evening or morning skin care routine, depending on the time of the day I use it (it is recommended to use LUNA 2 twice a day for gentle 1-minute skin care routine).

Besides massaging my skin during the bath time, my other favorite relaxation ways are massaging my face in sauna. I find these way more relaxing than anything else and love pairing them with drinking a lot of water – which I think is also beneficial for good skin and healthy glow.

What is your favorite way of relaxing or self-care ritual? Have you already tried LUNA 2 and what products are you using to keep your skin clean and healthy?


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