8 Dec, 2018

Flowerbomb Surprise

December is for

I was lucky enough to get invited by Viktor & Rolf to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to – Wilderness. It was an overnight stay at this British countryside place and the Christmas spirit was so high that I will probably never forget the whole experience.

The reason for this trip was to celebrate one of the most iconic fragrances of all times – Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. This stunning fragrance is really addictive and seductive, and with all of these adjectives you might start to think that this post is sponsored. Rest assured, I have been a fan of this fragrance since my teenage days, as my older sister always loved and used it.

This of all the attractive florals, not the clean kind, but the sweet, and really juicy ones, I guess its called Flowerbomb for a reason – Centifolia
Rose, Sambac Jasmine, Cattleya Orchid are some of the notes in this pink delicious fragrance. While visiting Wilderness i managed to capture few photos for you guys, to share a small piece of Christmas atmosphere at this event. Hope you will like it.

Surprise For My Sister

This Christmas I decided to gift Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb to my sister, but that wasnt it, I had an artist engrave her name on it, which I think makes it so special. If you are based in the UK I will write all the places where you can shop and get your gift engraved for the loved one:

Complimentary hand engraving for your V&R fragrance bottle at the following stores:

  • Debenhams Market Street 6th – 9th December
  • Debenhams Manchester Trafford 8th – 9th December
  • Boots Machester Trafford 8th – 9th December
  • Debenhams Manchester Trafford 15th – 16th December
  • Fenwicks Newcastle 20th – 22nd December
  • Selfridges Manchester Trafford 20th – 24th December
  • Debenhams Silverburn 20th – 24th December

Christmas Sites with permanent complimentary engraving for your bottle:

  • Boots Manchester Traffors 7th November – 25th December
  • Debenhams Market Street 26th November – 9th December
  • Debenhams Manchester Trafford 26th November – 9th December
  • Debenhams Silverburn 10th – 26th December
  • Selfridges Manchester Trafford 9th – 27th December

Hope you guys enjoyed this post at least 10% as much as I enjoyed my trip to Wildernes. Even then it will be too much :)



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