7 Jul, 2017

Venice After Dark


Disclaimer: You are about to enter a zone of darkness. Here is a completely different post to everything you were used to on the Glam and Glitter. 

As you guys know, I recently went to Venice. It was probably one of most spectacular trips to this beautiful city, because I got to see it at different times of the day. From as early as 5am to late at night, I normally always shoot photos for the blog in the morning because my photography style is very girly, airy and light, but I wanted to use this opportunity and mark two years of being a full time fashion blogger (or almost 7 all together), to publish something different.

Its not a secret that I am a huge fan of Fendi, so in this post I am wearing a total look by this iconic Italian brand and to mark the occasion we chose a very famous St Marco Square, and started shooting in Venice, something that is much darker than normally. The light was very low but we managed to find a right spot where it was touching me just perfectly. Everything somehow came together, and the photos now remind me of Venice centuries ago. In fact Venice is probably the only city in the world that manages to preserve its history so well, as without cars and many other modern things we see in other cities it truly stayed true to its history. Dark or not, I couldnt wait to show you these photos, so I am really curious to hear what you think.

I believe that the beauty of this job is that there are no rules. You can produce any content, the quality of photos can be different, the style can be different and you can keep playing until you find who you are and what really interests you. I found my direction long ago and have always produced girly, bright content I love, and that will remain unchanged. Its so much fun playing with the way you look and trying to achieve a different result with different art direction. Lets see how you guys perceive it.

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it


Back to Fendi. I guess its ok to admit that I almost fainted when I saw this look, and its wasnt because Bella Hadid wore it, but because I just loved the slightly changed Fendi look. The bell sleeves were always my weakness and I knew I wanted to give this look a try. So you might think its a dress, but its actually a blazer with a skirt that can be quite tricky to put on. Tricky because you need to perfectly position the skirt over the blazer so it looks like one piece. Once its all done, I have to say the result can be great (hopefully you will agree after seeing these pictures).

Besides the bell sleeves, I really love the back detail, the structure, material and of course the tailoring. I didnt hesitate to put it on and style it with this gorgeous silver Fendi Kan I bag. I fell in love with it so much that it resulted in me getting the bag in a different colour (wait and see). Sadly you can not see it in this post but I also wore black Fendi heels, the kind that makes your legs seem way longer than they are.

So that is it for this dark Venetian post that is bordering with inquisition times. I jsut wanted to play a little bit , and I hope you had fun along. Curious to hear your thoughts.


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