13 Jul, 2017

Rialto Bridge, Myths and Venice Canals

Rialto Bridge

I briefly mentioned in THIS post how mesmerising the history of Venice is. The dark ages really marked this beautiful city, as well as the plague and different sailors travelling here. I love a bit of mystery, so you can imagine that I focused a lot of my time in Venice researching myths and haunted places, looking at some ominous sculptures, admiring beautiful art pieces and reading about its history. There is something really special about this place and I think I need to return several more times in order to really discover what it is. Its hard to say, but I know I love it and Venice fascinates me a lot.

Besides indulging in Italian food and admiring the cities history I really enjoyed living in the present. I would get lost in the canals trying to search for the pretties bridge, and that is a mission as there is over 400 of them all together. Probably the most fascinating one has to be the Rialto Bridge as its actually the oldest bridge over Grand Canal – which was at first wooden at first. Looking at it, you can almost imagine the times.

On this particular day, as you could see in the vlog we randomly walked and found this secret passage that led to Rialto. I was stunned when I saw it so up close. The bridge is simply majestic and the whole area has so much life and is as you can imagine a very popular tourist place. After seeing it for myself, I decided to take some photos for the blog there too, as its something I really wanted to share with you guys and transfer a little bit of Venice onto this Glam&Glitter corner. If you plan to visit this beautiful place, I would say grab a gondola around Rialto, that way you get to drive under it and still can visit all the tiny canals, its really a special experience and I can say it because in the past I managed to get on a gondola ride both at the Grand Canal and in a side street.

Its incredible to think that there is a city in Europe without a car transport, gondolas, water taxis and water buses are your only options, and I love it exactly that way.

Perhaps the greatest myth being purveyed, is that myths are just myths.

Off The Shoulder

So my outfit is probably what most of you want to know about. I always keep it bright and fun when travelling, and this time was no exception. I recently picked this off the shoulders dress that I love specially because of the frills. Somehow they really are flattering and allow you extra room for gelato and pasta when in Italy, because it doesnt follow the body line closely. The dress itself is covered in a micro gingham print and even though its red it appears pink more than red.

I decided to pair it with my currently favourite Dior accessories. The new bag quickly became one of my most worn ones, because its so easy to match with all of the things in my wardrobe. The burgundy colour is like a basic colour, and the size of the bag allows me my vlogging camera and the external battery charger – both absolutely necessary when travelling. For the shoes I put on the sling backs, as they are nude and again comfortable. I didnt have many shoes with me this trip (only like 9 pairs haha), but these, my silver Jimmy Choos and black Casadei Maxi Chain seemed to be perfect for every occasion. Technically its all I needed.

You know I love the boater hat and had to wear it again. Not only its fashionable, but just like my sunglasses also functional. Besides the new sunglasses I also accessorised with Dior choker – the one I love maybe a little bit too much. I love wearing it together with my Amulette de Cartier, as they go so well together. What do you think about this outfit? What is your favourite from Venice so far?

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