30 Jun, 2017

Colourful Island Burano

Why Burano?

I’ve always wanted to visit this colourful island called Burano, but in my previous two visits to Venice there just wasn’t enough time. Since June was dedicated to exploring Italy and visiting my favourite places I thought it would be amazing to check this off my wish list too.

We started the adventure around 11am, took a boat which you will see in my Venice vlog and headed to this place. Besides the colourful houses we really didnt know what to expect. If you are wondering who is we, I am referring to Dusan, my photographer and friend and myself. When we arrived I thought wow, people actually live here, in these beautiful and colourful houses, everything looked like a set in a movie.

There are two options if you want to get to this magical place, either via taxi or via public transport (big boat), and the difference between the two in price is about 10 times (yes I know), the difference in time is around 30minutes, since the bus-boat stops 2-3 times before stopping at Burano. Really depends on your personal preference. When we arrived I realised we didnt plan anything, we just wanted to get lost, to explore and wander around. And that is exactly what we did. Again, I would suggest comfortable shoes and a bottle of water because it gets very hot and crowded in the summer.

If you go for few hours you can definitely see the whole island, but you can also go in circles as its very easy to get lost, since all the houses and roads look same(ish). I definitely recommend staying there for lunch, and the most popular restaurant is called El Gato Negro. If you want to be really organised, book a table before you head out to the island.

One thing that we loved about Burano the most is the fact that people were nicer than in Venice (sorry to say), Venice was just extremely strange when it came to service, and even at nicest restaurants I felt like people were being super rude (maybe we should discuss this on another note). It felt a bit like when you are in the cinema, pop corn costs so much more than anywhere else. But you cant bring food inside, an d you want to see that movie, so you HAVE TO pay the price. That is Venice, you get to the airport, and they are already rude, because you need them to give you the information. Burano is different, it felt welcoming and no one was ripping us off for simple lunch.


You will have a chance to see two different outfits from Burano, because of course I couldnt decide so brought a spare one. The one in this post is sort of preppy, white crisip frilly dress and my favourite glitter flats. I love these Jimmy Choo pointy flats that are exclusive to Mytheresa.com so much that they became a must in my suitcase this month. I paired it all with a Fendi Kan I bag, that I actually borrowed from Fendi team for the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards (and later swapped for my own one, even prettier than this one hehe).  I wanted the look to be easy and fun, which is why I went for white and metallic.

The Tom Ford sunglasses that you can see in this post are new to my collection. They arent mirrored, but have something reflective about them – cant put a finger on it. To make it all a bit more stylish, I put my Dior Zodiac Twilly as a hair accessory. What do you think? I feel that I could wear anything at all in Burano, because its so pretty and colourful that its the best prop I could have asked for. What do you think about this look, and would you like to visit Burano?

I guess a dress and comfortable shoes are all you need if you plan to visit, maybe a pair of sunglasses, and a camera. This is truly a unique spot and for someone like me instagram heaven. We got so many snaps here and more are yet to come, so stay tuned.



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