11 Jun, 2017

Best View in Santorini


For all of you who follow me on instagram, you probably remember my recent trip to Santorini. I dont even know where to start my story about this island as there is so much to tell but have to mention how much I love Greece. So far I was lucky enough to visit some amazing places in this country but it was my first time in Santorini and wow it totally exceeded my expectations. You guys know how much I travel but I have to say that I have never encountered a place with such incredible views or sunsets.

We stayed in Oia, and were lucky enough to really experience the beauty of Santorini in its fullest. It wasnt a classic lay by the pool or go to the beach trip, but it involved A LOT of hiking, exploring, getting lost and even using the roads used only by the donkeys (ha! you must see that in my Santorini video) just to find those roads and places where you can secure a spot with the best view. In this post you can see I climbed a roof of someones house – yes I politely asked after I saw it was a regular practice for people to climb roofs in Santorini. This secured me a fantastic spot because I could see as the island was waking up. It was early in the morning and its another thing I would strongly recommend if you are visiting Santorini. Get up early and experience the city as the magical energy starts to simmer.

I also have a list of places as a recommendation – my favourite restaurants, walks and beaches you have to visit, but could mention it in another post, if you are interested. Leave a comment letting me know what is it that you would want to see and I will make sure to write about it. I am off to Venice on Monday so feel free to direct your requests to the beautiful city on water. Now onto my outfit, because I know you all care about that.


I love pastel colours. I think so much so that you can rarely ever see me in black or something dark. My favourites are always white, pastel pink, light blue, all the peachy shades and literally any colour you can see on this fantastic skirt. I have my eye on this skirt ever since I saw the M Missoni catalogue in February. I knew I wanted it then and that it would perfectly fit in my wardrobe. Its just an easy summer piece, something you can throw in your suitcase and now you can get many wears out of. It looks good at the beach and in the restaurant which is what makes it so unique.

This type of skirt is specially useful because you can pair it with anything – it has so many colours and I wanted to focus on of course, my favourite, pink. I paired it with off the shoulder top and a tiny Saint Laurent bag that is great as a cross body bag or even as a clutch. It always surprises me how small this bag is but how much it fits. On one of my recent trips no one could believe that it also fits my vlogging camera, but trust me – it does. Its particularly useful for trips and travels, as it doesnt take much space in my suitcase but its versatile and matches many of my outfits.

I didnt have many shoe options but went for my beloved Miu Miu flats in nude colour. You cant really see them as I am wearing this maxi skirt, but will have to take my word for it. I wore these flats so much after receiving them as a Christmas present and really am even considering buying another pair since they are SO COMFORTABLE and again easy to wear and perfect travel companion. Sometimes I just find pieces like that and I want to repurchase them numerous times, like the black Dior boots from the last Raf Simmons collection. Ah!

The only thing left to discuss are these Chloe sunglasses. I picked them at the World Duty Free when I was travelling as my sister persuaded me and I am so happy I listened to her. They are super cool and fun with these hoops on the sides, but somehow suit my face better than the previous one I had (a similar model). I also like the fact that they are grey so not too colourful and not too dark which is why they are now my “go to” sunglasses. What do you think?



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