22 Jun, 2017

Back Up Back Down


As soon as the weather is in high plus and we hit June, Brighton starts looking like a totally different city. All the tables outside the cafes are busy and my favourite type of coffee dates take place.

You know the kind of a date that usually involves more cake than coffee, sitting with my sister in the sun, discussing so many different things and jumping from topic to topic. Recently we made this “no social media” rule when spending time together, which is making these coffee dates even more enjoyable.

We try to try a new place every time, even though we do have two or three favourites that we go to when the craving is real.

Besides the “no social media” rule, we also agreed to always look chic and feel comfortable, that usually means something casual but cute. We try to avoid the heels as we often go for a walk after the insane consumption of cake, and a potential sugar coma.

In this post you can see me test driving my new Bally “Back up, back down” babouche. These classic yet trendy babouche come in various colours and styles. I probably picked the funkiest of all. Even though I am a classic girl, I still like my fashion pieces and I think these gorgeous Janelle babouche are definitely a statement piece.


What I most love about them (besides the obvious playful motifs) is the fact that the back of the babouche is made of super smooth leather which can be worn up or down. This is very promising even for the most delicate feet. I am someone who easily gets blisters in new shoes, but these babies passed with flying colours.

I decided to style them with my go to boyfriend ripped jeans as I think slip ons are just so easy to wear and always look amazing with any style of jeans. To stick with my style and add a bit of grisliness of course I had to put on a white off shoulder linen top, something with at least one frill – come on, you know it was necessary.

I quickly grabbed a bag and pair of sunglasses, as my sister was shouting at me from the bottom of the stairs. Apparently, I was running late, probably because I spent way too long playing with the fact that my new Janelle babouche have bendable back. I only took my phone, card and keys and I was out the door. I told you this was all about being casual and comfortable, and the cake made it very very enjoyable (up until the moment I really had to open one button on my jeans), oh well, at least my shoes were very comfortable.

My favourite Janelles

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