21 Feb, 2013

NYFW Instagram Round Up

My New York story seamed to interest everyone a lot. Here is the whole experience behind the cameras, what I did and details around it, which you coulnt see in the posts. It was the most amazing experience ever. If you followed me on instagram (@theglamandglitter) you probably saw some of these already.

Moje putovanje u Njujork je zainteresovalo mnoge od vas. Ovde je celo iskustvo, desavanja i detalji iza kamere, koje niste videli u postovima. Bilo je to najbolje iskustvo ikada. Ako me pratite na instagramu (@theglamandglitter) mozda ste vec videli neke od ovih slika.

1.Packing                                                                  2.At the airport

3.Waiting to get on the plane                                     4.New York Here I come

5.In the sky                                                         6.Ready to hit the town

7.NY By night                                                                  8.NY by day

9.Getting a taxi and photographers                              10.Madison Avenue

11.I met loads of Glam and Glitter followers               12.Favourite Rebecca Minkoff piece

13.Breakfast                                                            14.Central Park

15.Defile                                                                  16.Ice Skating

17.With Chiara after DVF Show                               18.Cara Delevingne at DVF show

19.Cant Get ENOUGH!                                                 20.Every day, same :)

21.Shopping time                                                         22.Yellow cab

23.Break in Plaza                                                    24.View follows me

25.Presentation                                               26.Last Day of Shows

27.Gorgeous Mira Duma                                        28.Backstage nails

29.I love Clover Canyon                                                  30.My car has arrived

31.Ready to watch movies on the plane                      32.Back to London


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