23 Jan, 2013

Instagram post #15

And another Instagram post, as you know, you can follow me on instagram ( @theglamandglitter) or if you click HERE  I post there my everyday activities, and show you another angle of my life. Here are some of the photos of the past  week :)

I jos jedan Instagram post. Kao sto do sada verovatno znate, na Instagramu sam pod imenom @theglamandglitter. Kliknite OVDE da vidite moj profil. Tamo postavljam slike iz svakodnevnog zivota i sa vama delim razne dozivljaje. Ove fotografije su slikane protekle nedelje :)

1.Getting coffee for TGAG team                           2.Watching Jane by design

3.Nothing better than Snog                                     4.On the move

5.Make up of the day                                              6.Waiting for my shoes

7.Healthy Snack                                                        8.Favourite pinks

9.Love Flash by Jimmy Choo                            10.Make up of the day

11.Before the live chat                                          12.My Westfield Pass

13.Not a fan of circle line                                           14.Coffee+gossip

15.Thank you Nineteen pieces for this!                       16.At Harvey Nicks

17.Lunchie                                                        18.Funky Style

19.Love my beats                                              20.New case has arrived


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