18 Sep, 2012

Make up collection and storage ideas

As seasons change I really enjoy organising my space. Keeping all things tidy and in place is the most important thing if you lead a busy life, and find it hard to stay organised. A lot of you asked me what are my tips to organise the space
and in many occasions I shared with you how much I love Muji and Ikea. They are both inexpensive, and have great ideas and products for you to choose from. In this video I tried to go through my make up and show you my collection as quick as possible, but you still might need a big cup of coffee, comfortable chair, and can press the play button :) As you can tell I am really happy with my storage since it hasnt changed since my last photo post of it HERE

Kada se sezone menjaju, ja obozavam da organizujem svoj prostor. Ukoliko vodite zivot pun obaveza, najbitnije je da ste organizovani i da su vam sve stvari pregledne i ciste. Mnogo vas me je pitalo za savete na temu kako se moze sto bolje iskoristiti prostor i ja sam neretko rekla da obozavam Muji i Ikea proizvode za to. Oba brenda su povoljna i imaju sjajne ideje i asortiman za organizaciju. U ovom videu sam pokusala da vam pokazem moju sminku i organizaciju na sto brzi nacin, ali vam ipak predlazem da uzmete solju kafe, udobno se smestite i tek onda pritisnete play :)
Kao sto vidite jako sam zadovoljna organizacije sminke, posto se skoro nista nije promenilo jos od ovog POSTA 

Muji Acrylic storage here
Ikea acrylic storage
Ikea drawer organiser 


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