5 Jun, 2012

Instagram post #2

A lot of you told me that you love Instagram posts. There I put very frequent daily updates, show you my new purchases and also some of the favourites :) If you use Instagram, you can follow me, my name is theglamandglitter. Most of my Instagram photos end up on Twitter anyway, so if you dont use Instagram, you can always check them out there (@tamarakalinic)

Rekli ste da vam se dopadaju Instagram postovi. Na Instagram postavljam redovno slike svojih svakodnevnih aktivnosti, nekih kupovina, a i neke omiljene proizvode. Ako koristite Istagram mozete me pratiti pod imenom theglamandglitter . Ukoliko ne koristite Instagram vecina fotografija uglavnom zavrsi na Twitteru, tako da ih sve mozete videti tamo (@tamarakalinic)

           |Very importan stuff while studying|                                        |My new shoes|

           |Some of the last Boots purchases|                                                 |Brighton beach|

     |Frozen Yoghurt with granola and strawberries|                         |Aquarium in Barcelona|

               |Healthy Snacks Shopping|                                        |Timing myself for the exam|

                   |Mock Exam necessities|                                          |Going to study in Starbucks|

                    |Very Chaotic|                                                                |Elemis Clay Mask|

         |Fresh Face for a dinner with my girl Lara|                      |Two new Favourites by Essie|

             |Tuna Salad, Gossip Girl and Love|                               |Barcelona View|

           |Finally reached 20 000 on Bloglovin’|                             |Always on the go|

|New Swarovski Ring|                                                           |Travel Essentials|


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