6 Feb, 2012

Make Up Storage

Hello my lovelies,
Since January I have been promising to show you my make up storage. I will film a special video to show you some trick and ideas of keeping all things clean and tidy(very important with make up) but in the meanwhile here is a bunch of pictures of my make up area and where I film.
As you can see, I use Muji acrylic boxes, which I like because they are shallow and see through so it’s easy to find everything in the morning or when in the rush. I also add few boxes or containers from various places. The acrylic organisers in the big drawer are from Ikea, as well as my vanity table (Ikea-Malm).
The nail polish rack I got off Ebay, and everything else I will list under the pictures. Prepare for picture overload :D If you have ANY questions tweet @tamarakalinic for instant response, or comment below :)

Three round pots keeping my Mac lipsticks (chocolate muss came in these originally)
single eye shadows, that I use a lot
Other lipsticks I use, besides Mac
Lipglosses I use a lot

Mac blushes

Other Blushes

Bronzers and MSFs I use mostly
Daily foundation choice
current perfumes
In two short drawers next to my dressing table I keep things that are not used often. Rest of my polishes, nails stuff, nail art, gelly cushions for heels, eye drops, some Lush products…
They have Ikea Godmorngon organisers in
Lip Balms, my obsession
Before the make up I scrub and condition my lips
Daily used face brushes, mascaras and eye brow pencils
another overview
most used nailpolishes
Chanel, Dior, Mac, Ysl quads
Mac palletes ( I have three full -natural, darks, and colourful), Naked and Alice in Wonderland ( Urban Decay palettes) , Mac most used quads of my choice. Mac lip sticks and Juicy tubes on the left by Lancome.
Do you have any good ideas for storage, or how do you store your make up?
Any questions, comment pls.
Love you all xoxo

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