28 Jan, 2012

Organisation Rambling

Since I can remember I always loved organisation. As a little girl, stationery shops always attracted me with loads of different pens, beautiful notebooks and sticky notes. Weird I KNOW! But it never really changed. Today I am big on list making. I make wish lists, studying plans, shopping lists, packing lists, to do lists…You get the idea. I love lists! They keep me organised as I like to see things on paper before I know what I have to do. After that I prioritise and devote my time to tasks according to their importance.

When Personal Planner offered to send me one of their diaries for New Years Eve, I was so excited. Not only I love diaries, but I needed one for 2012 anyway. They sent me a diary that is customised  specially for me Here is what it looks like


I am very impressed with this diary, and love it to bits. Size is perfect to fit in my bag, but also is big enough for al of the tasks, and notes. It comes with calendar, ruler, holidays dates, and all the useful bits, as well as this little table with goals and exams, that I adore. It is also inexpensive and can be customised according to your own needs. The story behind it is very interesting, so check it out on their web site HERE
Keeping my tasks organised spares me so much time. And since I work full time, I think time is extremely valuable commodity. One of my New Years resolutions was to keep everything as simple as possible, to have it all organised. And it doesn’t stop with my time, but also my books, my make up, my clothes,accessories…You name it! As important dates are approaching I was jotting few things in my work and my blog diaries, so here is what that looks like:
For the end I will leave you with a video full of tips on how to organise you studying time, and how to prepare yourself for the exams :)
Thats all. Good Luck with your organisation

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