Interview with Haizhen Wang

Hello my lovelies,
As I promised I am bringing you here interview with Haizhen Wang, straight from his studio. I am still under the massive impression of talking to a designer like him, so wanted to pass on all the excitement as soon as. Sorry about the photo and text overload, but I am sure you will find him very interesting, just like I did. You can check out Haizhen Wang label right HERE

With Haizhen in his studio

1. When did you realise you wanted to become a fashion designer?
My passion for this job started while I was still in China. I was doing my diploma in interior design, and in the last year changed it to fashion. I understood that fashion is my destiny, so when I came to England I pursued my dream.

2. What was the first piece of clothing that you designed?
In the beginning I was only designing clothes for myself, mens’ clothes. And that’s when I won a competition by a surprise, so started realising that people appreciate my work.

3. How would you define your personal style?
I love dark colours and edgy style, however my first collection was a bit different. I loved darker colours from the beginning of my career, even though I wanted to change and add a bit of colour in my first collection.

First collection pieces

Current pieces

In the shop with Anna
4. Who are your favourite designers?
I like McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Balenciaga, Balmain…There are quite a few from different categories. I can like a lot of things that are completely different.
5. What makes you unique in the fashion market?
I pay attention to detail, quality, the way I chose fabric, and the story behind each piece. Fashion market is very competitive in Britain, and there is a lot of young talented designers. I am not saying I am much different from all of them, but I am trying to be. At the moment I am trying to find my place in the market. Most of my fabric I source from Paris, or Italy, and I try to naturally just chose it and go for the best.
6. With the way global economy is at the moment, do you think appetite for luxurious brands is decreasing?
It really depends on the country. I would say that luxurious brands marketing is moving to Far East. I think luxurious brands have been present in Europe for a long time, but they are much more demanded in Far East at the moment. One of my next goals is to expand my business to far east. I am also Chinese so I am talking to my friends and know what sells there and there is a big demand for luxurious brands.

7. What is the difference between Paris and London Fashion Week for you?

London is all about people talking about you, and Paris is more about business – people buy your things.
People in London like to see new designers, they want to talk about new brands, introduce new labels to big masses, whereas Paris is more to sell your product.
8. My readers would be interested in what does it take to prepare for a show so magical like London or Paris Fashion Week
First you need to be ready. Once you want to go, you need to prepare, as you don’t want to go there one year, be there for one season and never come back. Financial support is very important, and secondly you need to be unique, third is how you create your collection, creating the designs from your inspiration and transferring them into reality. The most difficult part is getting financial part done as well as the organisation of the whole team.
9.What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?
My strengths is that I never give up and know where I want to go. I have great experience and have self-belief. I know I will get there I just need to give it some time.
My weakness is organising, everything happening at the same time is very demanding. I can do my part of job and do it all, but its not all about yourself, if you want things to happen beautifully, you need the whole team to be very organised.
10. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Sometimes its street market from Portobello, architecture…Sometimes I pick pictures, from historical families, but it can be anything really.

Going through his pieces

Haizhen’s amazing PR Anna and me
11. How do you imagine a woman that wears your clothes?

I imagine a woman 25-45 years old, very confident woman that knows what she wants, and has a certain social status. Those women care about quality of life and can be a strong career woman, but does not have to be. I am still trying to expand the styles and make it as versatile as possible. And I am also planning to do a small menswear collection.

12. I have noticed that all of your designs are created in England. Have you considered creating your clothes in China?
Production in England is very expensive and its hard to create a jacket or a piece that is under £600 of good quality material and still earn from it. People are stopping to buy clothes that is produced in England, because its too expensive, but otherwise there is no profit. Companies that produce in China still have a big profit and are covered for expenses and can easily afford best fabric for it. To produce a piece in England it costs around £150 , so when you sell the item people think the price is too high. Its the writing “Made in England” that costs so much. So I am definitely considering at the moment production in China.

And definitely check out the video

Haizhen Wang SS12 from Diego Indraccolo on Vimeo.

Thank you all for reading this interview. Hope you like it, and hope it gave you an idea of what fashion industry from that side is like.
Love you all xoxo



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