4 Dec, 2011

Hair care routine


Hello my gorgeous readers,
Lately I have received a lot of e-mails, comments and questions about my hair, and most of them were regarding my regular hair routine.
Even though I did a video on products that I use, my absolute necessities have changed. At this point I can say I am extremely satisfied with my current hair care products (lets see how long will that last lol) and would definitely recommend them.
My hair is naturally brown, and I do get it highlighted with a dark brown, and caramel colour.It is of dry structure, as its curly (the curlier, the drier my hairdresser says) so I do not highlight it more than 3-4 times a year, and I try not to straighten it either.
For dry and sensitised hair my hair dresser recommended Kerastase Satin Bain shampoo and kerastase Masque Nutritive (both from Nutri range). I have been using them for a month now and my hair feels softer, is shinier, and doesn’t feel crispy like dry hair normally does.
My greatest discovery was also Shu Uemura hair oil, which nourishes dry ends and leaves hair super soft. Also Macadamia Repair Mask and Healing Oil are still part of my hair-care :)
Hairdresser that I visit also gives me deep nutritive treatment every 2-3 months (its a treatment that defrizzes hair and makes it healthier by nourishing it, however its 3 hours long *yawn*)

Current hair condition:
All the products together
Macadamia Hair mask and oil on the left. And a glance of Kerastase shampoo

Shu Uemura hair oil, and Kerastase products.

Hair up close. It looks much shinier since I started using these products
Morning routine where you can see my hair now


What are your favourite products? And have you got a routine?
Love you all xoxo


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