16 Sep, 2011

Leopard Print Nail

Hello gorgeous people,
Today I am back with a tutorial (finally). I felt quite creative so wanted to show you a nail art project that I think is super effective but really easy.
All you will need is

  • Tan colour nail polish
  • Beige colour nail polish
  • Black nail polish (or art pen)
  • Nail art pen
Since this sort of print is so popular for autumn I thought it would be really useful to do something like that.
If you go to school, or think this is a little bit over the top, you can tone it down by doing only one nail, or just by doing a few dots on the top of your nail (something like leopard print french manicure hehe)
So give it a go, hope you have all the tools ready, and let me know if you try it ;)

Loads of love xoxo

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