28 Sep, 2011

Autumn greens

Hello my sweety pies,
Today i feel really ill, in fact Im coming down with a big flu and its not fun at all. Specially because I’m really into experimenting with some autumn make up looks, but when you feel like you can’t breathe its just not so exciting (not to say how horrible make up feels on my skin) But besides that Im super happy :D
There was this super cute cat today that I discovered on my balcony today (its our neighbours’ cat that just wants to spend some time with me, or I just like to believe that), so while being ill, I cuddled it a bit and gave it some food too hehe.
I’m making big plans on organizing my autumn wardrobe (might do a video on that too), deciding on reorganization of my space and spending time with my loved ones.
The photos of this outfit are from friends birthday, last Sunday.I wanted to look good as my boyfriend was going really dressed up as well, glamorous least to say. It was in a posh restaurant and all I can say is that it was lovely and I managed to use a bit of sunshine to snap these for you (well my lovely sister did).

In this post I would also like to present you my new Louis Vuitton jewellery that I am absolutely in love with. It is the first jewellery that I ever had from LV and I think its so beautiful. There are some gold and blue crystals, as well as monogram engraved. So happy to be proud owner of it :)

I wore:
Loads of love xoxo

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