22 Jun, 2011

A day at the Boat and the Summer Food

Hello my lovelies,
Today there is no special outfit post simply because I spent the whole day in the bikini. I have various different bikinis and if that is something you dont mind seeing please let me know. And I will do a “bikinis post”

Red Burberry Bikini

So I decided I deserved a brake and took a few magazines, ordered an iced tea and chilled in 34 degrees today. It was so hot, but by the water it always feels nicer :)
I also went to the gym in the morning so did not feel like doing much during the day…
So I would like to also mention about the most amazing food I tried today. It is the newly opened restaurant of Organic food that I absolutely adored. They make some yummy salads, soups, shakes, smoothies, and similar stuff… I am really into healthy food and love a bit of vegies with protein :)
So here you can see what I ate :)
Carrot Soup with Almonds
Royal Veggie Salad 
And the overview of the table ;)


Everything is so amazing so I just wanted to share it with you. Is there any particular food you prefer to eat during the summer?
I love these little refreshing bites :)

Hope you are having a good week so far :)
Love you all xoxo


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