22 Mar, 2011

Pandora for moments and memories


Hello my lovelies,

I think I mentioned this topic before, it is just a short post showing you my latest passion- PANDORA JEWELRY :)
Concept is that you buy a “nacked bracelet” and then chose the charms but not just any…Charms that remind you of your happy moments; Birthdays, Trips, Anniversaries , Graduation…Even Wedding day (perhaps,maybeeeee lol ) Since recently its available in Serbia as well , but I got mine as a present from my sister <3
I think it looks so pretty even though I have just only collected a few.So this is what they look like…

And here is the one that I have. I got my charms from people I care about, and the bracelet from my sister, so it is something VERY VERY SPECIAL TO ME! Each one comes with a beautiful memory <3
What do you think about it? Is it something that would interest you, or do you like the idea and the Pandora Concept?
Love you all xoxo

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