7 Mar, 2011

Fly in Style

I realised its so important to know how to pack and what things to bring when going abroad. Specially when having long journeys and in either case I have my “usual” stuff I bring…
Tomorrow I’m off to Rome, so while thinking what to wear on my first day there I decided to post these photos from my previous journey :)))

Outfit really depends on whether I am going or coming back (simply because sometimes after going back I have bough so many things I need to put most of them on me or suffer overweigh charges haha *blushes*)

When Im gong by car its always something comfy I wear, but on a plane I like to look stylish to a certain point, but still feel comfortable enough :)
I must admit I did get few “evil looks” or should I say “envious” from some girls on the plane, looking at my boots and probably hating on me for traveling in heels . Well,some people can really make you feel uncomfortable (more than any uncomfortable shoes) but the other reason for travelling like this is cause these boots are heavy and the best way to pack them is —–  > TO WEAR THEM!

What I have to have on plane with me, make up wise, are usually those things that have to fit in a see through plastic bag

Here you can see:

  • MAC Dazzle glass in Baby Sparks
  • Givenchy lip gloss nude colour
  • MAC lip stick in Peachstock
  • Rosal Milk&Honey lip balm
  • Cuticle balm
  • Hand sanitizer -lavender smell

I wore:

What do you wear when travelling? Does it get hard to pack from time to time??
Stay gorgeous, Love you loads xoxo


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