14 Mar, 2011

Finally What I bought in Rome :)

My dear bloglovers, here are the few of the items I bought on my short but lovely trip to Rome.
I didn’t really go with any idea what I want or should buy, just went with the flow and whatever I saw that I liked justified with one “I really need this” hahaha…Sounds familiar?

Italy has got some beautiful fashion, definitively if you ask me. They know their style and their accessories way too well…Via Condoti is a heaven for the fashionistas and a shopaholic but if you are both of those, than its a whole new world :)

GIANFRANCO FERRE SHOES– Love at first sight…I think these shoes are the most beautiful I ve ever seen and thats exactly what I have thought when I ve seen them.

VICTORIA SECRET LOTIONS AND SPRAYS– Besides the usual things you buy at VS, these are the ones I love so much and had to buy :) They all smell lovely and leave my skin soft .

GUCCI BELT To match it with the same pattern bag :)

And now a very very important notice Id like to make…I wanted to integrate this in my post to make sure everyone reads it. As someone doing a degree in pharmacy I think this is of great importance…In my previous posts you ve seen me mention OPIs Ski teal we drop nail polish. And this is what I have on my nails now

Ovacome has launched a special way to to tract the symptoms and catch them in time, and the Teal Tips campaign is raising the awareness , so paint your nails TEAL AND PROMPT THE CONVERSATION ABOUT THE SYMPTOMS -BEAT stands for:

  1. B-bloated
  2. E-Eatting less
  3. A-Abdominal pain
  4. T-Talk to your GP
By buying OPIs Ski Teal We Drop , you can support Ovacome, as OPI donates 1GBP for every bottle sold. So go and get your bottles :) And this beautiful colour will make your fingers look so pretty.
Actress Jenny Agutter is the face of the campaign. So have a look and do a research for all our LADIES
Love you all xoxo Tamara

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