4 Mar, 2011

Block colours for the new season

So after the fashion weeks, BLOCK COLOURS ARE EVERYWHERE and to be honest, I am absolutely  crazy about this trend. It puts me in the great mood for spring and its just so cheerful to see my closet full of colour rather than it being full of grey,black and brow as usually :/
The best part of the trend as it is is that you can be as adventurous as you wish, so there are no rules, mix all the yellows,oranges ,hot pinks, with other colours and just enjoy all the attention hehe…

So here are the photos that caught my eye. Definitely on my wish list some of the things *in love*


So, what colours are YOU going to focus on? Is it pink? Orange? Maybe yellow? Any other at all?
Well I think the great idea is to have some colourful shoes and belts so you can just pop them in each combination :)

Stay gorgeous, love you all xoxo


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