21 Mar, 2011

A Whole Day of Laughs

Hello my lovely blogreaders ,
Hope all of you have been good…I am just relaxing on the sofa after an interesting and sun filled weekend :) As I told you before, on Saturday I celebrated my birthday, my mum left on Sunday, more guests left today and now I am devoting to myself (and possibly a lush bomb) or some more work I have to do :)

Here is an outfit I wore for a day filled with enjoyment :) A starbucks hot chocolate and croissants in the morning, lovely Italian pasta in the afternoon and the long walks + a cinema. It was a long but lovely day filled with laugh of people I love
So here is what I wore:

I hope you all have been well. I am just digging into my final year project, so I better study hard :)))
Love you all xoxo

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