23 Feb, 2011

Face of the day


Well today I decided to go for a natural look as I had few things to do. I took my books and studied a bit in the coffee shop, hence the low key look ;)))
Also have meetings and rehearsals to do for the fashion show tomorrow (besides creating for university Fashion Society , I will be modelling tomorrow …*shy face*)
So today has been all about the coffee, books,papers,organisers and comfy looks :)

  • Foundation:Clinique Honey 07
  • Blush: MAC Breezy
  • Eye Shadows used:
  1. Cranberry
  2. Coppering
  3. Sketch
  4. Nano gold
  • Lips- Lush lip balm- Honey trap





However I still managed to get a break and have a look in some of the Pandora charms, as my birthday is coming soon hehehehe :))) LOVE MY PANDORA SO MUCH!


My studying style hehehehe all you students out there…you know what its like :/

loads of love xoxo


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