3 Feb, 2011

A bit of everything

I have just finished my January exams and feel literally exhausted. It is so hard to keep track of everything while constantly studying, but now I am one step loser to my degree, YAAAY :))

So currently whats been on my mind

*Fashion Weeks Excitement, the whole secret yet glamorous waiting for the Fashion Weeks to reveal new trends…
*Spring road trips and holidays, I am planing a trip to Italy soon woo hoo
*My Bed Gal mascara by Benefit…I just realized I have been repurchasing it for a whole YEAR, its the best mascara ever!!
*Juicy fruits, I feel like Im addicted to oranges,melons,strawberries…As that  is the only thing I eat lately
*January Exams…speaks for itself
*Boring plot of Gossip Girl lately. I am annoyed, why did Chuck start whispering so much? And like the whole corporate thing is boring …blaaaah…bring back the spice
*My lip gloss drawer, its so packed there is no room for anything :((( I feel like i need to use it all up or give away ughhh

And a huge kiss specially for all of you my followers, now that exams are over, we can focus on some serious blogging ;)

Loads of Love
xoxo Tamara


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