22 Jan, 2011

Products that make me feel good

There are quite a few products that I LOVE SO MUCH lately… They smell amazing have a great texture and leave me feeling fabulous. Specially now that I am studying for exams, spending days in comfy clothes, with starbucks on my table, lap top and loads of notes.

Sweet smells and glowing skin bring some happiness in this time that I have to be a good and disciplined girl hehe :)

Favorite products now

Here we have Lush  Mange Too, King of skin,Lemony flutter cuticle butter and Lip service. Too mange is the one I have tried for the first time, and it has the most amazing smell ever, its like bananas, honey , white chocolate or something like that. It is a massage bar that I use to soften my skin after shower.
This Macadamia hair mask is another thing I just recently tried. It is very good hair repairing mask and I have heard that all their products are really good.
L’oreal shampoos I love because they make my normally dry hair really soft and moisturised.
Other stuff I ve spoken about, but they are Chanel Chance perfume (pink one), Body Shop mango body butter, Bad Gal mascara by benefit, Dior lip gloss that smells of melon and my favourite MAC mineralized skin finish in Dark ..


Hope you are having a good weekend?Are there any products you like lately?
Loads of love xoxo


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