9 Dec, 2010



First time ever, I decided to pack in time(not last minute like everything else) and leave my room tidy, not look all over the place for that lip stick/keys/ipod charger/whatever…And it feels good, I laid out everything on bed, tried to make little outfit combinations match shoes, belts and all those things we dont think about when packing, result was horrible mess at first, but then everything came in the right place and I was finally happy…Not everything is packed,of course, but lets just say that Im getting there ;)))

So this is what one of the stages looked like
Bag, some knitwear and tops, my juicy tracksuit, ….make up case and toiletries bag laid down

I like to put shoes in their dust bags
I took out this pair to match with the outfit previously
Jewelry in a box and belts in dust bag

Im super excited, and for you who dont know I am going for a holiday. One month holiday. I am flying to Serbia, Belgrade on Saturday, from there I will go to another town, Novi Sad, there after probably to Banja Luka a bit and deffinitely Zagreb,Croatia…I intend to have a little road trip with my best friends as well, which you will know about… so I had to pack variety of  things,not too many,but things that are easy to combine…
What kind of packer are you? Necessities or everything? Do you have problems with suit case being too heavy? I certainly do :/



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