23 Nov, 2010

Closet organisation

Lately I ve been thinking about closet organisation a lot. Every season, same issue comes up to my mind, my wardrobe is overfilled and Im yet to buy new clothes, and why is that a problem…Well, every morning I get up and I give myself quite a bit time to do all the things I need to, have a shower,coffee,make up, dress up…but I realized that I need more than usual, just standing in front of my closet takes 30minutes, same drama all the time…

“oh but if i take that top, what shoes can i have,…maybe I should wear jeans instead of dress? but what bag should I pick then? Ok I need to buy those leggings, they are essential…WHAT TO WEAR AAA???”

So I realized my closet is not well organized, I emptied it quite a bit, all the things I havent worn in a while are now in charity and all the hangers are better fitting on the rack, but still there is the whole shoe organisation,bags, even jewelery …Because if I dont see it, chances are I wont think about it and put it on either…
And what is the rule? How do I organize my clothes?

Ok so I ve been obsessing with this a lot! I mean what about all the belts, what do you do with them? Is it better just to have one pair of jeans, two tops , shoes and a bag? Just essentials? Or is it really like Carrie told Big “Don’t give me a diamond- Just give me a really big closet!”
So the question is:What is your closet like? Is it organized? Is it just messy enough? Is it big or small? How do you manage? Maybe if you are interested I could do my storage post…
Oh well, this time of year is the best to stay in and organize ;)

Until next time I will leave you to think about it and just look at some wardrobes, organizes, by celebs and normal people…Oh well…Still long way to go ;)



Love you all


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