What makes me happy lately

Lately I find it that even though I hate cold weather, small seasonal things make me so happy, that I can put up with the coldness(and the red nose :o)).
Well there are certainly things that make me super happy and lately have been thinking bout these alot

seasonal candles 
love to enter a room that smells of cinnamon and freshly bakes apple strudel it is so yummy and just makes me feel so cosy and festive wherever I am :) Yankee candles are my favourite ones, as even if I open the lid they scent the whole room

bow rings and accessories 
they look so gorgeous, no matter if they are in your hair, on your hand, waist,shoes THEY ARE SO PRETTY AND GIRLY. I have this cutes bow ring and it constantly makes me happy whenever I look at my hand.


starbucks cookies and seasonal drinks
oh i just love these so much. My mom also loves them and I am so happy because we normally have them together, and its so amazing cause we get loads of fashion magazines, and then sip our hot chocolates, cinnamon lattes or munch on lovely cookies they have while turning pages and chatting about hottest trends, my mom is so cool and I love having here over,whenever!!

chunky cardigans and cosy scarfs
these are keeping me warm at all times, massive cardigans, snugs, scarfs, massive fury stuff…you name it, I LOVE IT! They are also very very hot at the moment and can be found in every shop, which makes them available and so easy to get ..Hello warm winter ;)

childhood favorite cartoons
All time favourites Beauty and the Beast and Bambi, love them so much, as they bring me the sweetest memories as well as that cute feeling of “how good beats bad” .So good whenever I am having a long or a bad day. They are instant mood lifters and I find it intriguing when I remember how I used to find them when I was younger and how I can find some hidden messages now in them or things I never noticed before…

So these were my weeks HAPPY THINGS, I enjoyed them, and will not post what I hated this week just cause  I always say its better to look at the bright side ;)
Oh well, hope you had a lovely weekend, and will have even better beginning of the week tomorrow
Loads of love
Tamara xoxo



  1. Oct 25, 2010 / 2:00 pm


  2. Oct 25, 2010 / 8:23 pm

    ahahahah morala sam malo da bi ti pametnica videla hahahah :)))) znaci kako te volim da ne verujes.
    Jedva cekam olimpijadu 2012 da dodje reprezentacija I TIIII <3

  3. Oct 26, 2010 / 6:58 pm

    bow rings <3 and u two above <3

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