Starting on a Happy Note


Oh wow! I never thought it will be that difficult to get out of the festive holiday mood, and go back to work. I guess that is because I never really take holidays, I dont tend to give myself days off, because I dont know how to get back into work then. You know what I mean, right? But now with the fresh year and new month I am happy to embrace so many new things, to start with all the blog posts, with photos and outfits I have to share with you.

I have 2 more days in Serbia and then I am flying back to my other home, England. I am sad and excited at the same time. Sad because its always difficult saying bye to my family and friends, but excited because I have so many fun things lined up in the first three months of the year. I am looking forward to so much, and cant wait to share it all with you. Now lets discuss this colourful outfit that you seemed to like on my instagram.

Oh Wow! Nisam ni sanjala da ce biti tako tesko vratiti se iz praznicnog raspolozenja i poceti sa poslom. Verovatno zato sto nikada ne uzimam godisnje odmore i ne prestajem da radim, sada kada sam se zaustavila na par dana ne znam kako da zasucem rukave. Znate na sta mislim, zar ne? Sada sa novo godinom i pocetkom meseca spremna sam da zapocnem gomilu novih projekata, radujem se novim postovima sa fotografijama i autfitima koje sam spremila za vas.

Imam jos 2 dana u Srbiji a onda letim nazad za Englesku. Tuzna sam i uzbudjena u isto vreme. Tuzna jer ce biti tesko pozdraviti se sa porodicom i prijateljima, a srecna jer imam toliko toga isplaniranog za prva tri meseca ove godine. Radujem se tome, a pogotovo cinjenici da cu sve ovo deliti sa vama. A sada da se bacimo na razgovor o ovoj odevnoj kombinaciji  koja vam se prvenstveno dopala na mom instagramu.


Light blue and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations. For some reason its not as predictable as grey and pink or cobalt blue and yellow, and thats why I specially love it. I know that flare pants are not everyones cup of tea, but I truly love them. Maybe not for every single day, but they are fun when I get bored of boyfriend or skinny model. Both coat and trousers are from Pinko, Italian brand I love very much, and I decided to wear a simple white shirt to add a bit of neutral to this warm-cold mix. Diorama bag by Dior is one of my favourites in my whole collection and I thought a perfect match to this look. The light blue completed the look, it somehow closed the circle and is the balancing piece.

On my feet you cant really see, but I am wearing some Jimmy Choo lace up heels in mustard/tan colour. I love them because they are comfortable and they support my foot since they have laces. All in all this was one of my favourite outfits lately, maybe because I am really loving colour now that everyone is wrapped in greys and blacks, but maybe just because it suits my personality, I guess we will never know.

Svetlo plava i zuta spada u jednu od meni omiljenih kombinacija boja. Iz nekog razloga mislim da nije toliko ucestala kombinacija kao recimo siva i roza ili kobalt plava i zuta. Takodje znam da neki od vas ne vole ovaj tip pantalona, ali meni su mnogo drage. Mozda ih ne mogu nositi svaki dan, ali su super kada mi sve ostalo dosadi. I kaput i pantalone su italijanskog brenda Pinko, a to je brend koji ja mnogo volim i u cijim buticima cesto pronalazim zanimljive komade. Odlucila sam da obucem uz to obicnu belu kosulju koja je neutralan komad u celoj prici. Diorama torba je moja omiljena Dior torba za koju mislim da je odlicno razbila ovu kombinaciju toplo-hladno. Svetlo plava nekako je zatvorila krug i upotpunila autfit.

Na nogama kao sto mozete videti nosim Jimmy Choo stikle koje se pertlaju i koje su u nekoj semf/bez boji. Obozavam ih jer su udobne i jer pruzaju adekvatnu podrsku mom stopalu zbog tih pertli. Sve u svemu ovo je jedan od mojih omiljenih autfita u poslednje vreme, mozda jer su mi dosadile sve ove zimske boje, a mozda jer se najbolje slaze uz moj karakter. Nikada necemo saznati..








Jan 8, 2017 51 Comments

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  1. Camilla says:

    Amazing Tamara! I would never have thought of pairing these colours together but you rock it! I love the cut of the coat and the shoes are fab! Don’t even get me started on the Diorama Xxx

  2. Lisa Autumn says:

    Oh Girl I totally get you! I also always struggle to go back in to the flow of working when I had a longer break.. but on the other side I really miss work after some time!

    xx Lisa

  3. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Very lovely look to start the new year off … Love the pop of colour of the pant! Simply fabulous! :)
    Here’s to a more fantastic 2017!

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  4. Kerstin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Tamara. I totally understand why saying goodbye to friends and family always is hard – so I hope you enjoy your last two days at home to the fullest.

    Love, Kerstin

  5. Adele says:

    Happy 2017 Tamara! I adore the powdery shade of your coat & whilst I’m not personally a fan of flares, they look fabulous on you with those heels. Of course I can’t not swoon over your gorgeous Diorama.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  6. Kristina Maggiora says:

    The photos are stunning! I hope you had an amazing time back home :) Excited to see all the new posts coming up x


  7. Leah says:

    I always have so much trouble wearing this color yellow, I love it paired with he blue! Amazing look
    xx Leah


  8. Dayna Tohidi says:

    I admire your confidence Tamara! I would never think of pairing mustard colours with powder blues but it is refreshing and different xx

  9. Dayna Tohidi says:

    I admire your confidence Tamara! Never would have imagined blue and mustard to work well together, but I really like the contrast xx

  10. This shade of blue is my favorite ! I love that Dior bag so much.


    Anela from Fashion Roulette

    P.S. I’d really be happy if you checked out my blog :)


  11. Natali says:

    Always looking so stylish and writing inspiring posts! LOVE your bag and pants, they’re top notch pieces!


  12. JulieJuliet says:

    Really love the look and I am honestly a very picky fashionista haha :) You look great x All the best in 2017 dear xxx

    Love xxx J

  13. lucy says:

    wowww… in love *.*

  14. Andrea says:

    Love this outfit Tamara!! That coat is sooo beautiful and the color looks great on you!


    Seize your Style

  15. Gemma says:

    I definitely know what you mean about struggling to get back into the working mode! It’s now my 2nd week back and I’m still dreading it and finding it tough. I absolutely love this outfit, especially that gorgeous blue coat. Just beautiful!!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

  16. Sophie says:

    This bold color combination is amazing!

  17. love your outfit Tamara, looks amazing!

  18. Veronica says:

    that bag!!! its to die for <3 and I've never thought this pair of colours would look so good on you!!!

  19. Areli says:

    Yes your are rocking this blue and yellow combo!
    areli’s april
    please follow! http://arelisapril.blogspot.com/

  20. Naghmeh says:

    I LOVE this outfit so so much! the colours are gorgeous and I love wearing colourful clothes in winter too :)

    The Fashionista Bubble

  21. elisa says:

    Amazing Outfit!!! Love this color combination!


  22. Call me M says:

    Gorgeous outfit and photos Tamara! Love it when you combine these 2 colors together. I absolutely adore the color of the coat, and it looks amazing paired with the yellow flared pants.

  23. So COOL! Love everything about this post my dearest :)))
    Much love, Hadasah

  24. I love the combination of colours in this outfit as well! Stunning and so unique, something I can’t recalled having seen before :)

    I also have to agree, although I LOVE my work I’ve been struggling to get back into the work flow too!

    Heather x http://www.atelierofstyle.co.uk

  25. Emm says:

    Why the things u wearing arent websites to click on?
    Or you could atleast write name of the items not just brand.
    Just a suggestion

  26. MARTA says:

    Such a beautiful look! Love the mix of colors!


  27. Jessi Malay says:

    The color combination in your outfit is absolutely divine babe! I also love how the baby blue in your bag goes so perfectly with the pastel blue in your coat… I’m obsessed <3

    XO Jessi,

  28. Natalia says:

    love these colors in combination ..That coat is amazing , I love the way you styled it! The contrast that you are making with this ocher pants ,gives life to this combination

    xx LOVE,


  29. Gorgeous! Luv the photos. The worst part of the holidays is when it ends.

  30. That DIORAMA BAG!!! Ugh LOVE the whole color combo!
    xx Isabella from @angulo28blog

  31. Margaret says:

    Love the colour combo! It’s unusual but it’s also fun to wear pastel colour in winter! Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Margaret

  32. Pia says:

    I’ve been obsessed with this colour blue. I totally agree that it really stands out (in a good way) when everyone else is wearing black. I love the length of the pants too!!

    xx, Pia

  33. Love this look, beautiful pictures!

    Hadasah Love || http://www.styletolove.com

  34. Ellese says:

    I totally know what you mean about taking a break and then getting back into it! It is a challenge. I really love your look! Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  35. Claudine says:

    Your look and attitude are so gorgeous! I love how you combined the colours.
    They are so bright and are an instant mood uplifter today.

    Claudine / http://www.claudinesroom.com

  36. Victoria says:

    You always wear such nice outfits!! <3

  37. Dorothea says:

    Wow, divna kombinacija!

    xx Dorothea

  38. Linda Rodriguez says:

    It was great to have you back… You look lovely like always.!
    ~Xo Mrs Rodriguez

  39. Kimberly says:

    Love this look. Especially your coat, I love the color. I’m on the hunt for a coat in that color.

  40. Sachini says:

    Absolutely stunning as usual! You are rocking this colour combination. Hope you have an amazing year to look forward to!

  41. Jennifer says:

    Love the Jimmy Choo shoes. I also like the color scheme of your outfit too. :)

  42. Emma Engmark says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and colorful look!


  43. Andrada P says:

    Lovely outfit Tamara! And you are as gorgeous as always. Love your posts and blogs <3 keep up the good work and may all the motivation and inspiration come to you in the new year :)

  44. Naznin says:

    Such a lovely coat! Love how you styled it!

  45. Ele says:

    I love you so much!

  46. Color combo on fleek!
    xx Isabella from @angulo28blog

  47. Kate says:

    You look beautiful Tamara! I know exactly what you mean about how hard it is to start work again after a break. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned though! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  48. Tamara says:

    Love how these two colors go together! Dior bag is amazing!


  49. Irena Djuretic says:

    I meni se dopada kombinacija boja.