Late Night Shopping

Hello my lovelies,
Recently a lot of you have been recommending to me on Twitter (@tamarakalinic) to visit the new Westfield Stratford. It’s not very convenient for me to get there, but after what I heard, I really wanted to check it out. It is absolutely massive, with loads of restaurants, shops, cinema, ice skating rink, and it was very busy. Forever21 is a lot bigger than the one on Oxford Street, and shops in general are very well stocked. It took me few hours to walk around the mall. I loved Miss Sixty shop (I am a big fan of their clothes). Designer shops are not all opened yet, besides Mulberry, but the rest are due this year. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, you can still enjoy in food, ice skating, Krispy Kreme doughnuts or something sweet like that.
So here are the few photos of my very casual outfit :)

I wore:
Love you all xoxo
Jan 16, 2012 32 Comments

What do you think?

  1. Aleksandra says:

    imas divan osmeh i lepo ti stoji zavezana kosa :)
    kombinacija jednostavna, ali lepa

  2. I adore Westfield Stratford Tamara, so many amazing places to eat and shop; plus it’s all new and fancy :o) When you wear your hair up, it really shows off your beautiful bone structure – gorgeous!! x

  3. Filipa says:

    Your boots are amazing:)))
    Love your outfit.
    Im following your blog:)))


  4. JustPatience says:

    Cute and cozy shopping outfit. Love the boots.


  5. Tali says:

    I never went before but I want to! Good news is I feel better and by this weekend ill be able to start going out and about again!!! jiiiii! :) Love your boots!!!!

  6. Zorannah says:

    otvori ti meni kesu da vidim ja sta tu ima :-P

  7. garde says:

    your cardigan is veruy beautiful. and i love this color on you.


  8. JaKa says:

    Luzz! Fantastic for me;) Very good style:)

  9. what did you end up getting at Miss Sixty?? :)

  10. Call me M says:

    Totally love this grey color on you!
    Really cozy outfit. Perfect for shopping.
    By the way I want to invite you to enter my blog’s first giveaway, because I know how much you love nail polishes, and I’m sure you haven’t tried those cause they’re from a Greek brand you can’t find anywhere else! :) Hope you like it.

  11. I love this Westfield’s because I can just drop by after uni – so convenient and the shop selection is great!

    Monochrome Magpie

  12. Naghmeh says:

    such a cozy look. I love the colours actually :)

  13. coco says:

    to enjoy …:)

  14. thankyou very much for the comment and following my blog :D

    You are b.e.a.u.tiful and those boots are stunning! xox

  15. Cool Vanity says:

    I love your boots,you look fantastic. Kisses.

  16. Nikki says:

    I love your outfit!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following my blog! I absolutely LOVE your blog too, and I’m definitely following you as well!! Have a lovely day!:) xx

  17. rhiannonvic says:

    Love your outfit! I really reccommend Westfield Stratford, I’ve been there a few times and love it!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! xx

  18. I feel like going shopping now :)
    Great handbag


  19. Farábian says:

    me encanta estas muy guapa , el balenciag lo comprare en rojo me encanta

  20. Lilly says:

    Handbag is really awesome, you are cute on this pic ;)

  21. laurdows says:

    love your cardi, gorgeous colour :)
    laur x


  22. love your bag! and the make up is stunning!!!


  23. Alina says:

    So chic!Love the tee and the bag!

  24. Anonymous says:

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