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Lush Haul

Hello everyone,
Few days ago I asked you on twitter (@tamarakalinic if you have twitter just msg me when you’re bored lol) what Lush Christmasy products do you recommend and I must say I was so happy with your feedback. Thanks to your amazing advices I got some brilliant products that I simply cant wait to try.
So I got few bubble bars, few bath bombs and stuff which I am really happy about. The only thing I will have to come back for as it was out of stock is “Its raining men” Shower gel, because I finished my old one.
So here are to photos of all the products and small descriptions.
Which one is your favourites? Anything I missed since I will be going back on Saturday? ;)

MAGIC WAND recommended to me by follower @whatlauraloves
Smells like gorgeous candy and is scented exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel.
KING OF SKIN My all time favourite Lush product. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth after shower, smelling literally like coco butter and herbs. LOVE IT.
CHRISTMAS EVE The smell of this bar is very calming, and I have already saved it for Christmas Eve, I will make a bath with it, to calm down all of the excitement night before (so I can sleep) Smells like lavender and lying lyang.
GINGERBREAD HOUSE Do I have to say anything about this? Besides smelling so spicy and cosy like ginger it looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely deserves a sticker saying “Do not eat under any circumstances”
GOLDEN WONDER This golden package smells so fresh and citrusy. Absolutely gorgeous, reminds me so much of little Christmas surprises that I had to get it.
If this isn’t the season for something ultra sparkly, than what is? I am so in mood for all the things shiny and glowing (just wait to see a post with my Christmas tree ha). Cant wait to bath in all this glitter.

My happy little bunch

Hope you are enjoying the season? What are your must haves at the moment?
Love Tamara
Dec 8, 2011 38 Comments

What do you think?

  1. Marija says:

    aaaa blago tebi, obozavam LUSH, ma bash sve!

  2. I always find Lush stuff to be so fun and creative!


  3. garde says:

    and sweet…. :)


  4. omg… all this stuff makes me want to go to lush too!!! you can always smell it even if you are still a few metres away from the shop!!
    all the smells will surely bring christmasy mood along with them :)))

  5. E V E L Y N says:

    Great picks! I love King of Skin and use it all the time. I love their holiday goodies too! x

    P.S Lush xmas giveaway on my blog :)

  6. Tacy says:

    Divno, obozavam lush! ova zvezdica izgleda preslatko!

  7. Nee says:

    the pink star is soo cute:)


  8. oh my gosh, you have me SO excited because LUSH is going to be opening at the shopping center I work at!!! you picked up so many great things!! I really like the sparkly one!


  9. Sarah says:

    I love Lush products. That gingerbread house looks amazing!



  10. alison*elle says:

    Great picks, Tamara. I love Lush, including a number of things you’ve tried. They had an amazing pumpkin soap out for Halloween that was soooo good but unfortunately it’s limited edition.

    xo, alison*elle

  11. Isabela says:

    The gingerbread house and the magic hand are so cute! It is even quite yummy, haha. Seems to be such nice itens, although I can say much since I had never tried Lush x


  12. Terri says:

    I love lush! Got one of their sugar scrubs though and its been used once and DIED. booo hooooo. your haul is lovely, I always keep them in my clothes drawers until I use them and it makes my clothes smell amazing!!!


  13. stylish fox says:

    it’s look perfect!

  14. BlueVanilla says:

    Wow you got some great stuff! I love how it all looks good to eat…

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  15. ChicGeek says:

    King of skin , maybe coz it looks so yummi and I love that smell . For me all their products looks so yummi :)

  16. Call me M says:

    I’m so jealous! Wish we had Lush in my city too! They all seem fantastic…

  17. Lovely haul honey. Hope u like the wand :) xxx

  18. gorgeous items! lush always has the cutest products:) need to try some of them soon!


  19. Kupila sam onu limun kremu i brdo onih kugli za kupanje…
    Lush addicted :)
    Ljubim te!
    P.S. Cestitam za TOP 5 UK FASHION BLOGS :))))))) Cekamo top 3!

  20. Doma-Nikki says:

    They look like must haves! Not tried any of them but I would def recommend ‘Buffy the backside scrubber’ it’s my all time fav lush product :)

  21. Rubiiee says:

    Ah! I just got my first Lush items this week. Cannot wait to use them <3

  22. Stasha says:

    prpsto da pozelis da ga pojedes, hehe!:)

  23. How cute! Lush products make the best gifts.

  24. <3 Lush, super su fotke :)

  25. ah taj Lush, sve je tako finoo <3

  26. Ez says:

    They all look way to delicious to be bathed in! lol

    I have passed on a blog award to you, check out my latest post to see what you have to do. I didnt really think about how it is supposed to go to a blog with less then 200 followers….I just really enjoy your blog – hope you dont mind :-)


  27. Sharon says:

    Awesome picks! i love the Magic Wand one


  28. kelly marie says:

    I love lush, been wanting to try the magic wand for a while now

  29. The wand looks fab!


  30. Lush! Love it! Smell and colors forever!



  31. MaritBE says:

    I love lush! They have so much nice things ;-)