Windy Sunday morning

Hello my lovelies,
This weekend was amazing! After a great lunch on Saturday I had a surprise party to go to,  my best friends older sister turned 25, and when she came back from work,opened the house door, around thirty of us jumped out from the dark and screamed Surprise. It was a very exciting party to attend and for me so enjoyable as I got to spend time with my friends and my boyfriend at the same time :)
Today I stayed in bed a bit longer, grabbed a coffee with my boy and his brother, and spent the whole afternoon with my sister. It was so comfortable to walk around in Ugg boots, also as it was windy it was super nice to wear a bit of more Autumn clothes and choose some autumn smelling candles.

After the great afternoon, we lit our new candles, I made pancakes and we watched Confessions of Shopaholic for 20th time :)
So here is what I wore for a laid back Sunday :)

I wore:
Thats all my lovelies, hope you had a good weekend and are ready for the new week
xoxo love, Tamara
Sep 4, 2011 62 Comments

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  1. Bojana says:


  2. Tacy says:

    Sve je slatko,ali torba mi je favorit!! :)

  3. Georgia says:

    arg you’re so pretty it hurts my eyes to look at you ahah. Amazing outfit as usual :)


  4. nookie says:

    ahh, you are gorgeous and love your outfit, especially the furry coat!
    I bet those pancakes you made were delicious!

  5. You are so incredibly pretty! Why aren’t you a model yet?? You have the most beautiful face!
    I love surprise parties! Glad you had a nice time :) x

  6. Imamo isti prsluk :-D. Bas ti je lep ten, jesi menjala puder?

  7. You look so pretty babe,
    love the fur

    New outfitpost – http://www.mirfashion.blogspot.com

  8. Matt says:

    Nothing is as sweet as you…

  9. Nancy :D says:

    I love your outfit!
    You are stunning in everything you wear!

  10. rosecandle11 says:

    looove this comfortable outfit!
    & love your blog:)


  11. maja says:

    Outfit je odlican, ali ne mogu da verujem da je tako bilo hladno! U Sarajevu je danas 35 stepeni..

  12. Gina Michele says:

    Love your style! I’m now following you on bloglovin’

    ♥ Gina Michele

  13. Annelie says:

    You’re looking very cute in your autumn outfit :-)

  14. Arabella says:

    gorgeous! love your furry waistcoat :)

  15. Divno :) prsluk, cizme i prstenje su savrseni!

  16. Call me M says:

    Amazing outfit! You have a great sense of style! Although it’s sad to see that it’s already too cold there to wear winter clothes. I’m not ready to were mine yet. Hopefully the temperature will stay high enough for 1-2 more months here.

  17. Hi girl

    Love the fake fur…
    Great photo’s

    Check my blog…


  18. Draga, predivno izgledaš!
    Prsluk, čizme, prstenje, savršeno!;)
    Ja jedva čekam da malo zahladni…

  19. weasel says:

    I follow you! You have not only a gret style, but you are also very beautiful!

  20. Thank you for your lovely comment and for the following!! <3
    Your style is really cool!! So I’m your new follower via Bloglovin’!! :)))

    P.S. I want to live in England someday..


  21. Essie. says:

    your photos are gorgeous! :)

  22. Steve E says:

    Since I am not “into” fashion, I’ll maybe not hang out here often. Visiting from Izdiher’s blog, I must say you have a BEAUTIFUL blog, and lovely post.
    Thank you.

  23. Anna C says:

    You are extremely beautiful. :)
    And you have a lovely style too.
    I will definitely folow you back.
    p.s. : thank you for the comment :D you made me smile.

  24. Sarah S. says:

    Hi Tamara! Might be because I’m only 5’4″ but if I wore this I’d look like a chubby cat! You make everything you wear look so glamorous :) Great pictures

  25. Ovde je jos uvek 33 stepena, i jedva cekam da malkice padnu temperature… Predivan outfit,nakit je prelep, kao i prsluk:)

  26. Mary says:

    Hi lovely,
    I really like your outfit!So cuteee;)
    Have a great start of week:)

  27. lydeeloo says:

    wow youre gorgeous! where ever you are looks a lot more pleasant weather than where i am haha. great vest.

  28. Jen says:

    I love your Key ring :D


  29. Supergirl says:

    I eated the same food today;DD

  30. LittleBird says:

    Pratim teee, preslatka si !
    Torba je totalno u mom fazonu, zavidim ti :D

  31. Ramona says:

    Hi, gorgeous!
    Great casual look. Love grey-ish, my one of favorite colours. Love your fur vest- cute and cozy.
    Have a great Monday!

    xoxo Ra

  32. CessOviedo says:

    Surprise parties are the best! Love you with that fury vest, I have the same owl ring too! Have a lovely week ahead.

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  33. Kotryna says:

    Aww, you looked so great!

  34. Fydez says:

    I love your vest and rings. xx

  35. Kimberly says:

    You are so beautiful! I absolutely love your photos and you have the most incredible personal style! =D LOVE the vest and that food looks sooo delish!

    I’m following you via google now =D I’d love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow as well? =D

    xoxo Can’t wait to see more!


  36. Twiggs says:

    Hello, So glad you found my blog I’m deffs following back I love yours!!! :)

    And you are stunning cant wait to catch up on your posts.

    Have a lovely monday.


  37. You are so pretty ,Tamar.Just like any model.A sweet model.Thanks for our lovely comment .Definitely following you .

    Follow me back.

  38. Paige says:

    A surprise party!?! I want to go to one of those at least once so badly haha just has to be done!? Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I’m still a feeling a lil fragile from mine :P
    You are bloody stunning by the way! :O :P Beautiful photographs! The furry waistcoat just makes the outfit and the rings are gorgeous! ^.^
    Following! :) xxx

  39. Melu103 says:

    :) i love love love your blog!

    ill definitely be following you


  40. lifeisamaze says:

    Great outfit, I love your boots !
    Beautiful photos :)

  41. koliko god da smo kukale za letom, ovo postaje preterano, kod nas je i dalje pakleno vruce, tako da kad te vidim u toj kombinaciji odmah pozelim da se ususkam i obucem neki chunky cardigan , i stavim milion slojeva odece na sebe :)

  42. You’re a very gorgeous girl! I love your smile! Love this outfit, such a stylish fall/winter outfit yet comfy!

    en la moda


  43. I know what you mean about the wind lol! I like this outfit though, it looks great! I’m having a contest on my blog at the moment if you want to enter :)


  44. I know what you mean about the wind lol! I like this outfit though, it looks great! I’m having a contest on my blog at the moment if you want to enter :)


  45. helenlouise says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for following me, I’m definitely following back, your blog is lovely! You’re so stunning and I love your fur gilet, I can’t wait to dig mine out for the winter!

  46. Cylia says:

    hey girl! you´re too sweet. and you looks absolutely stunning.. loving your make/up a lot and your hair aswell. hope you had a great weekend.

  47. Love the casual and comfy outfit! Uggs are divine, no matter what everybody says!

  48. wow, gorgeous.!! love yours boots:)

    xoxo A.

  49. JustPatience says:

    Cute vest. Love all your accessories.


  50. Stasha says:

    trenutna temperatura kod nas 32 stepeni! Zamisli! Divna si mi ovde, od prsuka do cizmica i prstencica, sve je divno! Mora da vam je prelepo bilo na toj zurci!:) I meni se ponovo gleda kupoholicarka, hehe!

  51. Sophie says:

    your gorgeous. i love your outfit! and i am IN LOVE with your blog! im following xx

  52. Pralinka says:

    I definitly love this outfit – and your ugg shoes look amazing! wooow! I adore your style :)

    BTW, I’m so glad that I found your blog – I really appreciate your notes and I read your posts with pleasure :) And I wonder .if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader



  53. Maria says:

    Hi Tamara!
    I really love all your outfits and the color gray i think that it’s a basic in autumn! (:
    Hope you have a nice day!:D


  54. Fabrizia says:

    Hi!!what a lovely blog, I like it! you look really great in this outfit!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  55. Joanna says:

    omg I love the furry vest! you look adorable!thanks for following my blog! following you back dear!


  56. Alba says:

    Wow thanks sweetie!!
    I follow you too, you are really pretty!! xoxo <3

  57. Lidiya says:

    This outfit is super chic, I adore your furry waist coat <3

  58. lizchewy says:

    I really like this outfit!!! I adore your furry vest!!



  59. Love the picture by the red telephone booth! This is a great fall outfit and I love your rings!

    xoxo Denise