Perfect late summers day

Hello my lovelies,
Hope you are having a good start of the week and nice late summer days.
I have been working a lot, specially on my “autumn cleaning” at home, as I want to get rid of a lot of unwanted and unnecessary things, which will be going to the charity.
Usually in August I feel a bit upset, because the summer is over, and soon its gonna be this cold part of the year with short days early nights, but then I think of Christmas and get super happy. I love Christmas and all the traditions that come with it :D
But today its a different topic. In order to connect summer with the autumn, I picked a summery outfit, in true autumn colours, green leaves, falling of and changing into the colours of my top :)
Enjoy the every moment of this life because seasons just come and go sooo quickly

I wore:

Have fun xoxo


Aug 23, 2011 32 Comments

What do you think?

  1. esarpa i sorts mi se mnogo dopaaju!

  2. Great Outfit! : ) I Love the scarf and your nailpolish is BEAUTIFUL!


  3. Maria says:

    Hi Tamara!
    Now i wanna autumn because here in Spain the weather it’s very cold! but when in the autumn make cold i will want summer again! hahahaha
    I love your shorts!(L) beautiful color! i love it (:
    Hope you have a nice day!:D


  4. Zorannah says:

    oh boze, kako si mi pep ovo nema nigdeeee

  5. BreezeyBee says:

    those shoes and that bag! are to die

    Breezeybee Blog

  6. CessOviedo says:

    I love the colors you mixed here, the leopard scarf kind of joint the whole look, that photo of you running is amazing! Good luck with the autumn clean, think I might have to do one myself!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. Maya says:

    Svidja mi se ešarpa i nakit, a slika sa špagom u vazduhu – neponovljivo <3 :)

  8. Sve, sve ali daleko visoki skok, svaka cast:)) Da li si isala na balet ili jazz dance?

  9. Annelie says:

    great jump/split :-)

  10. Call me M says:

    I love this summery outfit and all your pictures! Really impressive!
    I totally agree with you, I feel so sad too when the summer ends, I hate so much the cold dark days of winter. But I love Christmas too. I hope this year it snows during Christmas time.
    The good thing is that in Greece it’s still summer time. It’s still really hot out there, so I’m enjoying the last days of summer.

  11. Dijana says:

    Vec dulje pratim tvoj blog, koji je zaista odličan, sto mi je i bila inspiracija da napravim svoj. Bilo bi mi drago da čujem tvoje mišljenje.
    P.S. Svida mi se kombinacija boja u ovom postu.

  12. Miss Cupcake says:

    So gorgeous!!! I LOVE your wedges and handbag!!! Also, that awesome ring….where did you get that? I love it….is it McQueen?

    XOXO, CC



  13. you look gorgeous! I wish I had your legs!! Your pics have inspired me to get back running! xoxo

  14. ludim vec zbog te esarpe :) prelepa je! Tamaraaa kako si izvela onaj skoook? bravo!

  15. Georgia says:

    Just noticed you had taken your shoes off to leap about
    . At first I was like “woah I cant even walk in hels never mind prance about like that”.


  16. Prelepa esarpa…Mislim da tih leopardskih nikad nije dovoljano…:)
    Ali skok,kao i svima je upecatljiv!!:)

  17. such a cute outfit. i think the leopord print scarf really pulled it all together. love your jumping pic lol… very cute!

  18. Venoma says:

    Fenomenalne fotke, super izgledas u tome :)

  19. anna says:

    You look great, and your bag, loove it!!! <3 :)


  20. Stasha says:

    lutkica si prava! Ova slika gde skaces je fenomenalna! Sortcic i nokti, nakit, marama, presobri!

  21. moja reakcija je na prvu sliku bila wauuu :) divna!

  22. Marija.R.P. says:

    Preslatka si!:) Ne bih da preterujem,ali sve mi se svidja..torba,cipele,nakit,marama…SVE!:)))

  23. amazing pictures and loveee your bag sweety!


  24. This outfit is perfect!! I love it :D I’m definitely adding you to my daily blogs to read :) Your style reminds me of my own actually :)


  25. Polly says:

    I love this wedges and the skull ring! And I like you manicure :)You have great style :)



  26. StyleInkHK says:

    I love the scarf and you accessories! Not too sure what it is but the color combination works really well. I just found your blog, will start following you now ;)

  27. yiqin; says:

    nice leopard scarf <3

  28. LOVE the scarf! That picture of you jumping is so neat!

    xoxo Denise


  29. Daisy says:

    kad čovjek nema volje za vježbati treba pogledati ove slike i motivirati se – prekrasna si :)