Having time of my Life

Hello my lovelies,
As it is a bank holiday in UK, I am still relaxing and enjoying the weekend, even though new working week starts tomorrow :( This weekend was absolutely perfect, I had plenty of time to relax, had fun with people I care about, and do all the things I wanted to do for a long time (but more about that in a future post).
So for a dinner with my lovely boy, sister and her boyfriend I picked this romantic outfit, and can show you a blog premier of my Chanel bag, that was also a present for graduation (love)
Also I wanted to remind you that you can still ask me ANY questions you like, as I am making a video with all the answers :)
Hope you had a good weekend.

I wore:

Enjoy the last days of August.
Love you all xoxo


Aug 29, 2011 47 Comments

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  1. Marija.R.P. says:

    Evo, i ja ti cestitam na diplomiranju,sve najbolje!:)Odlican autfit,mogao bi da posluzi u nekoj od buducih poslovnih varijanti!;) Kosulja fantasticna,kao i ruz za usne,koji ti odlicno stoji! Pozdrav! Marija

  2. Prelepa i kosulja i sako i orglica, a torbu uopste ne bih da komentarisem, ona je kategorija za sebe, savrseno!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jako si fotogenicna :) volim sako kao I cipele

  4. Maja says:

    Stvarno je lepo uskladjeno do najnajnajsitnijeg detalja , od sakoa do boje karmina . Torbica je prelepa :) :) :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love everything about you!xoxo

  6. Alex says:

    Bas mi se svidja <3 tasnica je preslatka!Cekamo uskoro i neki video :):*

  7. Borislawa says:

    Prelepo! Obozavam takav stil oblacenja… kosulja, sako, stikle <3

  8. Supergirl says:

    Perfect outfit! Love that colour:) Shoes and jacket.. Looks amazing!
    I have a question about your start in UK:) Cuz Im moved here not long time ago, Im interested in it:) How did you felt far away from home, how you find friends, learn english and so on:) Maybe you will have some great advices!!! Thanks xo xo

  9. Call me M says:

    Wow! You always look so stylish! I loved your blazer and your blouse, and the chanel bag is amazing!

  10. D.Sadie says:

    Great outfit and i LOVE your bag!

  11. Stasha says:

    Chanel bag…ah, divote! A ova boja, wow! Sako ti prelepo stoji, sve je per-fect!:)

  12. Stasha says:

    Chanel bag…ah, divote! A ova boja, wow! Sako ti prelepo stoji, sve je per-fect!:)

  13. LOVEVAS says:

    lovely shoes!!

  14. i loved your makeup specially the color of the lips matching your blazer and shoes

    and the chanel!! totally envy u

    i loved your style, i’m new at blogspot so i’m following u now, if u want u can’t follow back to

  15. CessOviedo says:

    Love how everything here is perfectly matches, love the magenta color! And those shoes with the ribbons are adorable, is great that you get to double date with your sister, sounds fun!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  16. Vasu says:

    thank you for such a beautiful comment, u really made me smile :)….ur outfit looks amazing, love the colour and beautiful heels, i love the tie- up style


  17. Your wardrobe must be like a rainbow :)
    I love that necklace!

  18. Borjana says:

    Ljubicasta boja ti taaako divno stoji!Nosi je cesce;)

  19. Kako volim tu pesmu :)
    Super je kombinacija, sako, cipelice, torbica … odlicno!Ta kosulja je pre pre prelepa :)

  20. Prelepa! :D Ovo je jedna od tvojih naj kombinacija! Mnogo mi se dopada blejzer, ogrlica i cipele ;) Torba je vec univerzalno divna :P

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sve zajedno je fenomenalno uklopljeno, a najvise sam odusevljena sakoom ;)

  22. Savrsene cipele, torba, sminka… :)

  23. mary louise says:

    this is so cute! i love all of the purple :)


  24. Sarah S. says:

    Your outfit is absolute perfection! Your lip color is complementing it so well. What is your lippie? I think I must go buy it ASAP!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Great blog! How tall are you?
    :) just asking… LOL



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  26. Love your make up in this post and your little chanel bag!
    Thank you for following!! I’m following you too!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  27. Oh my gosh loveeee the colour of your blazer!! That’s the one colour I don’t have. I would love to know what colour eye shadow you have all over your lids.

    Thanks xo

  28. LOVE JOICE says:

    You look gorgeous, I love your style! xx Joice

  29. Jelena K. says:

    ogrlica <3
    u poslednje vreme jurim te velike sa kamenjem, ova je pun pogodak

  30. Tamara says:

    Thanks a million my beautiful followers. Your comments really mean a lot <3

    Hvala Vam puno da divnim komentarima. Stvarno mi puno znace <3

  31. fashionmix says:

    lovely outfit :)

  32. Love your necklace!! Envy!! (Don’t need to mention your bag) :) xoxo


  33. Anonymous says:

    1. What is your biggest regret in life?

    2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

  34. Anonymous says:

    What job do you have?

  35. Paige says:

    Purple! SO pretty! I want a blazer this colour! xxx

  36. Maya says:

    Jedan od lepshih outfita u poslednje vreme! Divno :)

  37. Dragana says:

    The most beautiful outfit, a evo i dva pitanja od mene :)
    1. if you will have to follow only ONE fashion blog, which one will that be?
    2. can you say something in Serbian in your next video?


  38. I just HAVE to comment on ALL your posts!!!

    I love your style!!

    xoxo Denise


  39. me encanta el look!!!! estás guapísima como siempre!!! me he enamorado de la americana y de los zapatos, son divinos!!