Casual Pink


Hello my lovelies,
How have you all been? I hope you had a great beginning of the week.
I am still relaxing and chilling with my family. It is nice, as I get time to go for long walks with the dogs, to watch movies and just plan the rest of my holiday.
I still have to think about going away, as the destination is still under the big question mark. But soon you will find out about that as well, as you are all coming with me :)

So here is what I wore for a spontaneous day over here

I wore
Thank You all for your lovely comments that you give me.
Love you all
xoxo Tamara
Jun 28, 2011 25 Comments

What do you think?


  2. Sienna says:

    preslatka si!:)

  3. Marija says:

    Prelepo ti stoji pink ;)!

  4. Jelena K. says:

    imamo istu maramu, ja je obooozavam :)

  5. ellinelle says:

    ..you look gorgeous and so happy which is nice to see ..I have similar shorts but not had a chance to wear them ..very nice dolly outfit , perfect Darling ..

  6. Sonja says:

    bas mi super izgledas!
    uzivaj doma sa svojima!
    Pusa xx

  7. Obozavam pinkicastu! Divno!:)

  8. Zorannah says:

    mogla bi da zatrudnis a? :-D samo jos ti nisi hahahahhahhaaa

  9. CessOviedo says:

    Pink and white are perfect partners for summer, loved the stacked bangles, great look!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. gorgeous again! if I had your legs I would never wear anything but those shorts ;) xoxo

  11. beli sorcic je odlican, i narukvice divneeeee! prava letnja kombinacija! :)

  12. Marija says:

    kako si tako zgodna :) jel vezbas redovno? utesi me :) ja se trudim, al slabo mi nesto ide :D M.

  13. Super ti stoji pink :)!
    Narukvice su fenomenalne :D

  14. odlična letnja kombinacija:)

  15. Cipelica says:

    Dzemperak mi se jako dopada.

  16. Nina says:

    love u in pink!!!!

  17. Stasha says:

    Ne znam ni ja gde cu na moreee, a tako mi se bezi odavde! Blago tebi sto imas kad da gledas filmove i da se opustas!:)))Marama je divnA, pink ti savrseno stoji! Bas si mi divna u ovom dzempericu! prelepo!

  18. DIvna si, znaš! :) <3

  19. Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment – means a lot to me! :) X

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  20. Parisienne says:

    First on your blog!
    Happy to find you… nice to meet you!


  21. pink ti savršeno stoji:)