California girls are unforgettable

As I promised yesterday a full Hollister look comes your way :) Today I did a lot and not too much, so I had this casual outfit on, that I consider so laid back, but not trashy haha if you know what I mean :)))

Its perfect for a day filled of organising stuff around,reading a book, frappuccino in starbucks and loads of laughter. So here it is for all you my blog readers. Todays outfit

I wore:
Love you all so much. Don’t forget to go out and enjoy the spring!!!
Apr 5, 2011 29 Comments

What do you think?

  1. Jane Alisa says:

    Love that outfit, you look gorgeous. xoxo

  2. Supergirl says:

    The last photo is very cute:)
    I love your shirts!

  3. this outfits gorgeous on you!
    Your hair looks lovvvelly :p x

  4. Nina says:

    jako si mi zgodna! <3 vt

  5. such an adorable outfit and that’s my kinda day!

    love your last shot :)

  6. Bas si slatka,kosuljica mnogo lepo izgleda u kombinaciji sa tim sorcicem:)

  7. Dinoboy says:

    ljepoto super ti je ta košuljica, imamo sličnu ;) i ja volim takve sa prugama

    p.s. da velikaaaa insomnia me mučila onu noć hehe ;)

  8. Marija says:

    Džemperak mi je presladak ;)!

  9. maja says:

    Suuuuper izgledas, mnogo lep outfit i odlicno ti stoji!

  10. Zorannah says:

    a ko si ti? mislim da je vreme da pocnes da se oblacis dete, kakvi su to sorcevi? idi u london malo nisi dugo, ceka te neko :-P

  11. Stasha says:

    Once again: HOLLISTER rules! Sorc ti besprekorno stoju!:)

  12. Sonja says:

    Bas si mi zgodna!
    Pusa xx

  13. Nathalie says:

    Ohhhh I love everything!
    You look gorgeous x


  14. Marija says:

    Kombinacija je odlicna :D oduvek sam volela to – dugi rukavi, a dole nesto kratko :)))
    I sto je najbitnije – odlicno ti stoji ;)

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  16. super mi je ovaj beli sorcic!

  17. košuljica je odlična!

  18. Zorannah says:

    tagovah te nesto na blogicu, idi vidi :-P

  19. Persa says:

    100% Hollister <3 Love it, cos it’s simple :) Your make up looks totally perfect :*

  20. Bamby says:

    CCCC kakve noge !!! da sam na tvom mestu nebi se vadila iz sorceva raznih varijanti!!!!

  21. great outfit!! you look stunning <3 and beautiful photos!!

  22. Puchi says:

    You’re amazing ! love your nude makeup <3