Travel in style

As you guys know, I am leaving in the morning.
Comfy traveling is not really my thing haha, I always have bunch of stuff that didnt fit in suitcase :))
But its not a problem, two and a bit hour flight, and hello Belgrade!
I always have a book, magazine and an iPod in my hand luggage…Of course a whole bunch of other things as well…I will be travelling in jeggings, black tunick, with a thin waist belt, camel coloured boots and leather jacket, and since sometimes it gets cold on the plane furry snood :)))
here is a near similar outfit…
I will speak to you soon…Love Tamara

Dec 11, 2010 3 Comments

What do you think?

  1. Tali says:

    SO jealous I want to come too!!!
    Im rubbish at being comfortable. I wear so much jewelelry im always 15 minutes at that metal detector thing!!!!

    Safe flight hon

  2. I ll bring you something nice hehehe… It would be so cool if we partied together ;) You will have to visit when Im in Belgrade once, will be amazing :)))

  3. Georgia says:

    aww lucky lucky. wish I was going away from the cold.

    have a nice trip